The Last Story log #2

Note: Please DO NOT ask me about any how to’s, where to find this or that — basically, any guide-like questions — because I have a severely abysmal memory so chances are, I won’t be able to recall anything. ^^; Sorry.


Like the previous log, I’ll be updating this now and then throughout the day. I should mention that plot spoilers will be clearly marked.

  • I’m kind of wondering about Dagran. I hope he doesn’t end up getting too ambitious. But woo. Chapter 17 now.
Creepy Cat D:
Creepy Cat D:
  • Really wish Zael wasn’t such a simpleton sometimes. >_>
  • Doing the next several updates from my tablet so the formatting might look strange. Anyway, I just hooked up my Wii to the TV downstairs and the graphics quality improved tenfold. I was under the impression that things would look like crap with an S-Video connection. D:
  • Currently on Chapter 19 and man, the game robbed me of a money bag right before the battle with the spiders. :/ Also, if you spot a save point shortly after that, dart directly for it but stay away from the stairs heading downward because the moment you go near those stairs, you will be forced to go down and won’t have the option to return upstairs. 9_9
  • Mirania is the best with her unintentional humour. ^^ Or maybe it should be deadpan humour?
  • Explosions set off: Horace: 2, Zael: way too many.
  • Paraphrased diakogue: (don’t recall who said this): “It threw one of them!” Mirania: “Shall we throw Horace back at them?”
  • Oh no. I get to choose who will open the sarcophagus. XD
  • The duel on the cliff is gold. ^o^~~
  • At long last, we are back at the tavern~~!
  • Good grief. Was avoiding Horace thinking it’d trigger a plot-related quest and then I come across a Knight stating that the Count wants Zael back at the castle. 9_9 Also, Merchants’ Banquet quest from a wandering guy in the Market needs a pumpkin, almond, and a coconut. I have a pumpkin seedling but where would I go to get a pumpkin? I think someone on one of the ships sold them but why would I want to buy pumpkins at that point?
  • *facepalm* Oh, Mina.
  • Oh man, with the current set of greaves that Syrenne has on, you can see her buttcrack if you tilt the camera up a little.
  • Arena battles are lame so far. Why the same enemies over and over and same layouts?
  • Wow. Found a part of the city I’ve never been to. How strange!
  • Oh joy. Farming. But at least I can get a pumpkin!
  • Gah. Stupid mansion. I’m a horrible shot so the boss fight went on for quite some time. ^^
  • Mwahaha. Had Zael flirt with an older lady. XD Let’s see where this goes. Unrelated to this, that stupid chase around the city was arrggghh.
  • Well, that encounter w/ the lady was rather insignificant. Her reactions were silly though. Anyway, I did another arena battle afterward and changed Zael’s clothing colours. Again. A lot of the dyes are too damn bright. I like muted and darker, duller hues. :/
  • Is it just me or does Zael sound a little bit like Daniel Radcliffe?
  • Ahaha. More flirting. I’m starting a harem now. XD
  • Ha. I knew it! The game DOES reward you for smashing into people and signs. You also get stuff for falling over. Guess I need to knock over some more baskets of apples. XD Man, I should have done the frog stuff earlier. :V
  • Ergh. Got Dragon Armour but it looks ridiculous. Now I’m stuck with topless Zael. X_x
  • Bah. Moved the Wii back to my computer room so I have to suffer mediocre video quality again. Oh well. At least I can do screencaps with ease once again~! I must build up the Zael Fan Club so I can take a proper snapshot of all the ladies he manages to woo. XD Currently doing the Realm of Ascendancy part of the storyline so I won’t be able to show it any time soon. :\
  • Goddamn. Only managed to get ONE Noble Ring so far and it came as a spoil from the summon circle in the trial. Did a billion more summons but never got one again. Sigh.
  • The Outsider, eh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …
  • Ha. Cornered a maid and kept running into her. I wonder if doing so adds to the count for walking into people? I’ve taken to constantly ramming into people while they’re in conversation (re: during eavesdropping).

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