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Post-game thoughts about Gods Wars

It’s a bit unfortunate but the game does end up being a grindfest after all. I got around it by hacking the stats of my character and fairy pet which enabled me to take out a level 255 boss at level 101.

I actually have no idea if I really finished the game. I got some weird bit at the end that seems to allude to the main character and female friend were embarking on a new adventure but due to the Engrish, I can’t be sure. The biggest issue is that there’s no message congratulating the player or anything that tells you that you’re free to continue playing and testing your skills with the optional dungeon. :V

There are some bugs and general annoyances:

  • I have no clue who or what drops the weapons needed for a few of the later equipment in the Combining menu.
  • The Graveyard mission shows up again if you trigger it “post-game” and won’t disappear even after beating the boss multiple times.
  • some achievements will refuse to show as completed such as the one about beating the final enemy in the arena. The description for the synthesis achievement is messed up too as it reads something like “Finishing 10 arena battles”. I’ve done all the battles multiple times and never managed to get the achievement.
  •  The UI obscures the play area which makes it difficult to find treasures or even exit points at times. The mini map is no help because the little bar underneath the character portrait which shows your level blocks the top left of the map all the time.
  • the game lags on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in certain areas like any of the forests. It’s rather annoying and the game will prevent you from using the flight option in some of those areas too.

Even with these issues, I found the game to be all right. Not sure I would have got this far without a memory hacking program though because I tend to lose interest in games that require hours upon hours of combat to get anywhere — that is, to raise enough money to purchase new equipment or create new equipment and to level up. Well, I suppose my interest in the story and gameplay is an influence too since I’ve managed to spend hours grinding in FFXIII for materials to upgrade weapons and stuff. ^^

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