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More whining about Korean RPGs (mostly about Inotia 4)

Edit: Whoa. Nice going, WordPress Android. It totally ignored all the hard breaks/returns. 😛 Redid the formatting a bit so it no longer looks like some crazy long-winded review on the Google Play Store.


Why won’t Inotia 4 end? Every time I start it up, I flood my Twitter account with complaints. The game simply is not designed well. Hell, none of the major KRPGs (Korean RPGs) are. But why I keep playing them is a mystery. I think, subconsciously, I am a sucker for mindless RPGs. After all, I stuck with Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll on the PS3 until I got the Platinum trophy and that game is full of generic quests and tons of grinding just like Zenonia and Inotia. In fact, it’s pretty much a higher resolution version of a KRPG.

Regarding Inotia 4… I expected it to end around level 60 like the 3rd game but I’m already at level 104 and STILL on a first playthrough. (Not that I ever replay these infernal games but I noted it to give an idea of the game’s length.) I think Inotia 2 also doesn’t end until some point after level 100 though. :/

Why do the developers do this? Why drag on the plot with idiotic quests that are all the same except a change in monster and item names? Their games have no fucking substance to justify extended play or subsequent playthroughs, even if the story is decent. In Inotia & Zenonia, the issues are compounded with the fact that you’re always underpowered and poor. All this can be remedied through in-app purchases though! More stat points! More skill points! More money! Better equipment! More inventory space so you can actually lug shit back to town to sell! Well, there’s the merchant from the lamp too in Inotia 4 but lamps take up precious inventory space, you see.

Also, Inotia 4 seems to give people the option to instantly finish quests? Looks like someone on the dev team got the fucking clue that most optional quests suck. That and it’s an excuse to get more money from players since the option requires gems which have to be purchased. However, it seems that the game has free gem offers. They probably require users to download games and apps they don’t want though.

At any rate, I’m currently doing the memory layers. Some genius at Com2uS decided that it’d be a splendid idea to have each layer fashioned after dungeons you’ve already been to with monsters you’ve already fought and slap 3 sets of identical objectives for each dungeon quest. Each layer has 3 areas and I am on the third area which means I have done 6 carbon copy quests already. I really wish Com2uS could have used some brainpower to think up more interesting ways to deal with exploring Kiyan’s (the main character) memories and fears. Or at least make it so that I don’t have to play through a billions layers with the same fucking quest over and over and over.

Edit: Discovered that this memory shit place is the FINAL FUCKING DUNGEON and that THERE ARE 5 FLOORS. I wish I can fly over to Korea and throw the designer(s) off the Com2uS company building right now. Stupid design, stupid quests. Save this crap for an optional dungeon, for fuck’s sake. I think it’s high time I ditch this moronic game.

12 thoughts on “More whining about Korean RPGs (mostly about Inotia 4)

  1. yep… i went through all five dungeons and beat them all expecting to finish the plot line and find out what happens to eara, janus, and azad. then i find out i wasted a week of my life for an ending that didnt even make sense

  2. i wanna ask why too cuz why would you be playing then complaining about a great game like Inotia if you can’t get it? seems like you guys are just trolling.

    Inotia 4’s story is awesome. don’t you guys get it? Eara’s last words to Kiyan are the first words you hear when you start the game. The game takes Kiyan back to the beginning to try saving Eara again but the tragedy is going back in time like that is hard on Kiyan’s mind so he ends up forgetting. in the game he’s forgotten things a few times. he forgot he was created to be the final boss and the whole time he’s being used. he almost forgets Eara after the guardians kick his ass and he almost forgot who he was when the final boss tries to take over his mind. so it was lots of signs that said he’d forget even after going through all the memory layers to go back to the beginning of the game and so if you play the game again nothing changes.

    The missions are lame but every RPG is like that. kill x of this get y of that. I loved that the game actually makes you level up to 100+. it makes more sense than all the RPGs i played where you can beat the last boss at like lvl50. wtf? so why make the levels go up to 100+ when the game ends so soon?

    1. I disagree that quests and missions in every RPG are lame. Maybe they are for mobile KRPGs. I dunno. Anyway, they can have more depth and be infinitely more interesting than Inotia’s rinse and repeat crap if done well, especially story/plot-related ones. Also, side quests can be done in moderation as older RPGs have shown. New ones just use it as an excuse to increase play time which is fine if the combat system is fun. Inotia games don’t exactly have what I consider a fun combat system. I seriously only stick with them as a masochist and to see where the plot goes. :3

    2. i agree i love the game. i have played inotia 3 and 4 and i love it. im now level 107 in inotia 4 and level 83 in Inotia 3.

      1. how did u do that?i got stuck in level 105 whatever i do i can gain exp. and i already finish all layer in kiyans memories….but still no exp gain.

  3. I cheated 🙂 i got unlimited stat points unlimited skill pionts and money i git like a dex of 3000 and the life one of 4000 🙂

  4. i also cheated unlimited money, unlimited skill points, and every enemy i fuck it leaves at least 1 rare item (purple and yellow color). My equipment: ashkelon (plus 12), Black Knight Helm, amulet of Truth, Armor of sorrow (around 2700 defense), 2x Faith loop, Demon bracers, infantry boots

  5. I only remember using assasin kiyan’s invisibility and his 4th skill a million times and finishing the game … But ya it was a waste of time

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