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Brief Thoughts on Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death

Gods Wars 555
Gods Wars 555

Been playing this today. It’s oddly more fun than a lot of the other mobile RPG games (notably the KRPG ones like the Inotia and Zenonia series). There’s actually a lot of things this game does well! Here are some examples:

  • NO IN-APP PURCHASE OPTION. Everything is already available to you when you purchase the game so yes, this means that you DON’T have crappy, puny, extremely limited inventory space.
  • Enemies actually give decent amount of EXP so you level up pretty fast. The downside is that every enemy is kind of tough. 😛 But at least, even with memory hacking, you don’t NEED to pump in a lot of points into strength or defense to survive. (There’s still grinding though. :/)
  • Item and equipment drops MAKE SENSE as they actually match the level of the current area. In games like Inotia 4, you can get level 20 equipment for a level 50 character while fighting in a level 50+ zone. >_>
  • I also think that it may not be possible to fail in creating new things with the combining option. I could be wrong though. Still, since materials are easy to come by, selling synthesized goods becomes a decent way to make money.
  • There’s a flight system that lets you zoom around quickly between areas. The Inotia games can SERIOUSLY use something like this.
  • When entering a new area, the load screen tells you the recommended level. This game doesn’t show you the levels of the enemies so this is a welcome bit of information.

Oh yeah, Gods Wars deserves bonus points for its hilarious Engrish localization. It’s not your standard Google Translate script; I’m pretty sure it was a live person that did it. ^^

The only things I don’t really like about it are the fact that there’s a wee bit of slow down in the red forest area and the apparent inability to scroll/select anything other than the first item in the Enhance and Enchant menus. :/ There’s also the issue that it’s way too easy to accidentally sell something due to the over-sensitivity when you tap on inventory items. It’s actually sort of strange how the game alternates between the virtual d-pad for battles and actual touchscreen controls in the menus.

Edit: I discovered that the, uh, touch position that triggers the cursor to go up and down in the Enhance, etc. was just off.

4 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts on Gods Wars: Shadow of the Death

    1. I believe a lot of the materials are dropped by the monsters in the optional dungeon (re: tower in the last village, accessed via the statue). It’s a level 100 – 200+ dungeon though so becareful.

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