Current home screen look/layout on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

Nova Launcher with rainy Theme (for Go Launcher EX) icons
Nova Launcher (not that you can tell) with rainy Theme (for Go Launcher EX) icons. The weather & date are part of the Glass Widgets bundle. Folders are from the GoToApp Demo.

I love skinning and applying themes to operating systems for my computers and mobile devices. I fiddled around with Go Launcher EX last night and then eventually moved to Nova Launcher. I might go back to Go Launcher EX since I’m too lazy to manually tweak my home screen and icons. XD (There are some visual issues with it though since it’s not optimized for tablet use. I haven’t tried the HD version yet.)

Anyway, yeah, I know Jelly Bean allows for folder creation but when I install a new launcher, I have to recreate all of them. (At least, that’s what it seemed like.) With GoToApp, it’s simply a 3-step process to have it recreate all folders since I already organized all my apps beforehand.

The one thing that always throws a wrench into layouts is the Pesoguin Talk app which is the one you see in the middle with the little penguin and a heart. It’s a slightly bizarre widget that spans 1 x 3 squares. The thing is, it could have simply been 1 x 2 and everything would fit all nice and tidy. But because it’s 1 x 3, there’s excess empty space on the right side of the penguin which always results in an awkward gap. Choosing to overlap icons doesn’t make things better because Pesoguin partially takes up the third square. 9_9

Oh yeah, the wallpaper is from Simple Desktops. Here’s a direct link to the page:

I’ll probably still take a look around and see what other launchers there are. Really hoping to find something that’ll either ignore the icon grids or shrink them. I want things to be more densely packed and the freedom to put shortcuts anywhere. I already modified it a bit through Nova Launcher but it’s not enough. ^^ I would also like the ability to select multiple shortcuts since, sometimes, when I’m rearranging things on the home screen and want to place everything on one side, it’d go a wee bit faster than to select, hold, and move each one separately. There’s a tweak for this for jailbroken iOS devices but I can’t seem to find one for Android. :/

Edit: Redid the layout a little. ^-^

Redid the layout (Nova Launcher)
Redid the layout (Nova Launcher)

Oh yeah! I managed to resize the Pesoguin Talk widget properly so now there’s no extra space on its right side. For some reason, when I tried it last night, all it did was shrink the penguin but the speech balloon stayed the same size. ^^ I wonder if changing the number of columns did something? It was set to 8 columns before but now it’s at 10 columns.

BTW, what you see in the above screenshots is totally doable without rooting. However, I think root access is needed to show widgets in the drawer but it’s an option in the settings so if you don’t have root or don’t want to give Nova access to it, then there’s no big loss as it won’t affect the launcher in any way.

Try and accomplish THIS level of customization on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without jailbreaking. It won’t happen. It will probably NEVER happen.

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