Rooted and ROM’d!

I finally made the decision to root my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and “upgrade” to Android 4.1.1. I don’t regret it for a second. I LOVE Jelly Bean so far. The jump from Honeycomb 3.2 to Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is …. wow. *___*

I primarily used the tutorials and downloads from to root and install the custom JB ROM. The process was very quick and went through without any issues.  (Reading the comments on one of the articles will tell you have to get USB data transfer access again as well as Flash.) The ONLY thing I ran into was during the prepartion stage where I was trying hard as hell to move 1.5 GBs of data off the tablet onto my computer. For some reason, Windows wasn’t reading all the files in the Titanium Backup directory. It didn’t occur to me to simply disconnect and reconnect the USB cable so it can re-read the data. 9__9  Instead, genius me spent about 2 hours (maybe even more!) trying to upload everything to Box. When that went at a snail’s pace, I opted to create an archive of the directory which was also slow as hell.

When the zip file was ready, I connected my Tab to the computer and suddenly, it was able to see every single back up file. WTF? >_____________>; So in the end, I used the original method of copying over files anyway. 😛

Anyway, once that was done and over with, I installed AOSP to see how it was. I totally loved it. It was so minimal and fast and the user interface was beautiful and clean. For a while, I was missing the lack of the screencap button that the Samsung’s TouchWhiz had by default but was told that a simple press and hold of the Power button + down volume button would accomplish the same task on Jelly Bean.

My Galaxy Tab 10.1 with CyanogenMod 10
Not that you can really tell but this is on Android 4.1.1~! (Click on image to see full size~!)

After a few minutes of exploring the new firmware, I installed CyanogenMod 10. I probably didn’t NEED to considering I’ve yet to even touch the icons of the apps that it came pre-installed with. ^^ Still, since it doesn’t seem entirely diferent from AOSP, I’ll be sticking with this.

I never tried Ice Cream Sandwich so I don’t know how much of a step up Jelly Bean is but from what I’m experiencing so far, I wish Samsung would have waited before working on TouchWhiz for Android 4.0. Well, not that I really care since I have no intention of going back to their bloaty, tweaked firmware.

For me, right now, Jelly Bean + root > iOS 5.1 + jailbreak. (I’ve yet to upgrade my iOS firmware. XD) Seriously loving what Google is offering with its operating system. Now if only the games and apps would be better …

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