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Theatrhythm Log #5 (updated until midnight)

– Ooh. Finally! A No. 90 Dark Note! I’m probably gonna trip all over the place. XD ……….. And the game gives me some stupid simple pattern for Zanarkand. 9__9 Perfect Chained the thing on first try.

But the Movement is “level” 71! Let’s see how crazy it is.

Edit #1:
– Of course the BMS had to have a billion slide triggers. 9__9

– Oh dear lord. I wanted No. 90 and above but not accompanied with a Mv. that was as high!

"High end" Dark Note Score :(
“High end” Dark Note Score šŸ˜¦

– HOLY CRUD. The slide triggers rotated at the beginning of the FMS! WTF? Still S-ranked the thing though.

– AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So did the ones in the BMS. GODDAMN.

Edit #2:

– Bloody hell. This particular pattern for Battle to the Death always destroys me. I somehow managed a B though.

Edit #3:

– Wahaha. Most of the BMS Ultimate Scores kill me. FMS are okei though. I just ignore the EMS altogether. :3

Edit #4:

– The Man with the Machine Gun Expert Score is not what I expected. It’s not particularly hard but the pattern seems a bit more suited for Ultimate. I dread to see what the Ultimate looks like.

……… *is curious*

*taps Practice*

Haha. HP bar is completely gone after the Feature Zone. XD

– Wow. Shame. I’ve never gotten an A before on Awakening Expert Score before. (I only played it once. :B)

Edit #5:

– Hate the EMSs so much.

– Unlocking the Expert Scores for the Series Courses for fun but I kind of refuse to play One-Winged Angel again.

Edit #6:

– Baaawww. Stupid FFVIII EMS Expert. That was the first time I didn’t get an Extended Version. šŸ˜” I wish I wasn’t so distracted by the ballroom dance. I love FMV so much. ^^

– Cid’s so cute. ^o^

Mrs. Cid!
Mrs. Cid!

Edit #7:

– Finally managed to get from a C straight to an A for the damn tune. Playing along with the demo helped.

Finally got an A!
Finally got an A!

– Haha. Almost died on the Ultimate Score. Still got a B somehow.

Edit #8:

– Defiers of Fate EMS Expert is difficult for me. :/ My timing’s usually off at the left corner sliders for the reason which result in a lot of Bad grades. Ultimate is actually much easier. X___x;

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