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Theatrhythm Log #4 (updates until midnight)

Additional gameplay updates for today will appear in this post as edits~!

– Just spent a few minutes getting Holofoils for the first 3 pages in the CollectaCards binder by entering passwords from GameFAQs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/635802-theatrhythm-final-fantasy/cheats. They are case-sensitive and the punctuation must be typed in exactly as shown on the page.

Now everyone on page 3 is jumping in the air. XD

Edit #1:

– Herp derp. None of the BMS Special tracks in Challenge mode are S-ranked except Something to Protect. Also Perfect Chained it too. ^^

– Ooh. Finally got the trophy for getting all CollectaCards. Muhuhu~!

– Ergh. Trying to A-rank FFIV Battle 1 and JENOVA is hard for me. Stupid slide triggers. >o<~ (Also, why the hell was the title changed from J-E-N-O-V-A?)

Edit #2:

– "I guess, we laugh mistakenly for all time!" Some of the random lines are just too silly. ^^;

– Finally A-ranked FFIV Battle 1.

Edit #3:

– Crappy gameplay video or JENOVA~! Finally got an A rank. XD

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