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Theatrhythm Log #3 (updates until midnight)

Gameplay updates for today will appear in this post as edits~!

– Unlocked Faris. I briefly swapped out the party for her, Terra, Lightning, and Shantotto. … Then we realized how annoying it would be to level them from ground up and switched back to the current all-male party. I’ll eventually level up the ladies but I just didn’t feel like it then.

– Swapped in my level 99 group and equipped attacks that only activate when bosses appear. I actually managed to kill a Boss No. 3 in the tougher Dark Note score this way. I didn’t do it earlier since I was levelling up characters but I decided I wanted to finally kill some bosses instead of watching them slide into the screen and slide back out moments later.

– Still wish the game would stop unlocking music and movies and give me more goddamn shards. Even ProfiCard unlocks are getting to be an eyesore now.

Edit #1:

– Hmm. It seems like lightly touching the touch screen works better for slide triggers. At least that’s what it seems like to me.

– Got a StreetPass Mii from someone else that was playing Theatrhythm but I didn’t get a ProfiCard or Dark Note. I guess he didn’t have StreetPass enabled. 😦

– It sure is hard to mess up the FMS when you have a beefy party. I guess the trick is to have someone or an item that can refill the health bar when you’re falling all over the place. A Hi-Potion doesn’t seem to cut it.

– Huh. It seems like when you’re doing Dark Note BMS and you defeat 2 cycles of 3 regular enemies plus Boss No. 3, Boss No. 2 might get cycled in. I didn’t manage to defeat the second boss in time so I don’t know if I could have gotten an item drop from it too.

Edit #2:

– I think I may have got Boss No. 2 cycling in before because I was kind of bombing toward the end. ^^

– Whoa. For another Dark Note, I managed to fight Boss No. 3 twice and killed it both times. Got the remaining 2 drops which were 2 shards. ^-^!

Edit #3:

– ARGH! Stupid tonberry wouldn’t die! It was the second monster. I wasted the summon on it. Sigh. But this is what I get for swapping out someone else that had a boss attack ability. :/

Edit #4:

– Hey, I just got 50,000 rm and what did I get rewarded with? More bylines for the ProfiCard!

– Ooh. I just unlocked Yuna. :3

Edit #5:

– LOL! Got all 3 versions of the CollectaCard of Ozma.

– Incidentally, GameFAQs has a lot of passwords: http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/635802-theatrhythm-final-fantasy/cheats I’m not 100% that they all work the codes for the Goblin, Cid, and Faris (both codes) are correct. These are case sensitive, BTW.

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