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Theatrhythm Log #1 (officially the 4th post about the game)

Like my previous post, I will be updating this throughout the day~! Additional comments will be preceded by “Edit” and then a number so if you’re following my Theatrhythm babbles here then be sure to check back at some point later on. :3

  • Dark Notes! Why are you depriving me of shards!? I must have played at least 10 Dark Note scores in the past few hours and I only got one measly shard.
  • Current party is Tidus, Minwu, Cecil, and Locke.  They’re not my favourite characters but I’m sticking to an all-male party until I unlock female characters. Well, I like Cecil and Locke — both characters were among my favourites in their respective games, never played FFII so I don’t know anything about Minwu, and Tidus … I remember not caring about the entire cast of FFX at all except for Wakka.  Oh, Lulu’s character design was kind of neat.  (Ah, Nomura. You and your obsession with belts.)

Edit #1:

  • You know, I don’t think I’ve ever summoned Bahamut yet … I have his Magicite though. Hmmm …
  • Do abilities stack? I mean, if one character has Protect Lv 1 and another character has it as well. Or maybe abilities of different levels will be treated individually? I guess I’ll have to dig through forums to find the answer to this.

Edit #2:

  • Ended up using Bahamut’s Magicite. Got the summon trophy now. XD

Edit #3:

  • Woo. Cleared 48 Dark Notes so far. I’m still failing in either reaching the first boss or defeating it in the later ones though. Sigh.  Gonna go back and replay some earlier ones to try and nab stuff from the 1st and 2nd bosses instead.  It’s unfortunate that the early Dark Notes have patterns in the BMS that I can’t play well. =___= But … I think tripping up all over the first part of the battle is the way to trigger the 2nd boss???
  • Finally decided to use my digital camera instead of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to take photos. Now you can sort oftell my 3DS is purple! XD  Anyway, the game kills my neck since I do marathon plays (re: several hours in a row) so I’ve resorted to using the DS Lite stand. Unfortunately, the 3DS won’t stay in place due to the lack of a GBA cart slot so this is what I did:

    3DS on a stand meant for the DS Lite, supported by Winnie the Pooh
    3DS on a stand meant for the DS Lite, supported by Winnie the Pooh
  • The game was nice enough to hand me a Rainbow Shard for getting 40,000 rm.
  • Oh yeah, using Protect as an example for my stacking question was kind of dumb because it’s the equivalent of two characters in an FF game casting Protect twice on the same person (but in the case of Theatrhythm it’s the whole party). However, a Cure and Cura equipped on the same character DOES work. And why anyone would do this is cuz there’s not enough points for other abilities so might as well just fill the slot with something useful. 😛

Edit #4:

  • Threw together a cheat sheet for reaching the Dark Note bosses. If anyone can be more specific on the requirements or point out any errors, please do so~!

    Requirements for reaching the Dark Note bosses
    Requirements for reaching the Dark Note bosses
  • The first half is defined as the part just before the silver triggers of the Feature Zone come in. I’m not entirely certain if the notice of “Boss No. 3” showing up is dependent on the number of enemies defeated before the Feature Zone though.

Edit #5:

  • Oh shit. It may actually be dependent on the number of enemies kill as bombing TOO MUCH in the BMS will cause you to not fight ANY bosses. ^^;
  •  Bloody Anima. It’s not giving me the first drop item. I fought it at least 3 times already. It’s content on giving me the Magick Lamp. >:/

Edit #6:

  • I wonder if someone’s already tested the conditions to obtain a Boss No. 2 already? (Given that the game’s been out in Japan for a while, I would think so. ^^) Anyway, my current findings are that around 15 misses + maybe defeated 3 regular monsters will get you the boss.  I say maybe because I’m not entirely sure it’s necessary.
    All right. After checking three Japanese blogs, Boss No. 2 seems to be triggered when your party’s HP is below the 50% by the time the BMS reaches the Feature Zone. This is also typically the third enemy that comes onto the screen so missing triggers or just getting Bad really is the way to go.  Of course, I shouldn’t attach a number to the misses or Bads because once you get into the No. 70+ Dark Notes, it’s possible to die with just 3 – 5 misses without abilities to lessen enemy attacks or a party with high HP. =__=; I guess I should edit the image now. :B
    Image has been edited~

Edit #7:

  • I think the reason I sometimes never fight a boss is that I get stuck on the second or third enemy and don’t kill them off even after a successful summon. :\

Edit #8:

  • ………. Well, fuck. I just did a BMS stage that disapproves the whole hitpoints condition. I could swear that my HP didn’t fall below 50% at any point but I still got Boss No. 2. I did get Bad a few times and maybe a miss or two. *confused* I suppose I’ll do this Dark Note a few more times to test things out. Or maybe I should just go and search English forums. The problem is that some forums have a craptacular search function.
  • Bah. Not strong enough to defeat Boss No. 3 in the higher Numbers and Movements.

3 thoughts on “Theatrhythm Log #1 (officially the 4th post about the game)

  1. Thought I should comment and tell you why your not getting any shards during Dark Notes. The shards are boss drops. You need to defeat the boss monster to get a boss monster drop. If you have done a Dark Note a good few times you probably can see the boss monsters before you select that Dark Note. Boss monster you face depends on how well you do on previous stage. 1 if you do bad and if you do good it’s 2 or 3. During the battle stage a boss monster appears and roars. It’s not the first one that appears. You have to defeat some monsters before a boss monster appears.

    I have yet to defeat a boss monster. I had to delete some dark notes because the battle music chosen was too difficult for me. I can do tap and hold just fine but when it comes to slashes and specially ones with crazy amount of them following fast one after another… I’m useless. I got one I can do bit still have yet to defeat any boss.

    1. Yeah, I know they’re from bosses which is annoying me. TT~! They keep giving me chocobo food and other items! The lower Dark Note bosses were much kinder in that sense but I already got all I could from the 3rd bosses of those ones.

      I’ve been working on getting the 1st bosses now and sometimes trying for the 2nd ones. It seems the most difficult to get the 2nd boss. :\

      1. I keep getting the 3rd or 1st boss as well. I managed to defeat a good few today but only 3rd bosses. I noticed when I got all the shards for a character the boss monster would sometimes drop nothing. Still get items for completion but nothing from boss monster. There is a drop list for the monsters before you select the Dark Note. It’s possible you got all the shards or the boss monster doesn’t drop any.

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