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I suppose I should stop serial tweeting about the game

I know I kind of get annoyed from seeing a billion tweets about a game I’m not playing so I can imagine a few of my followers feel the same. (I’ve yet to receive any complaints but I think that’s cuz everyone’s being nice about it … or ignoring me. XD) I think I’ll start a new WordPress post each day and keep it in the Post screen so I can continually update it. ^.^~

I’m getting into the habit of deleting any Dark Notes that are No. 70 and above. The reason is that they are all on Ultimate Score speed! Re: damn zippy fast. I’m not up to that level yet so reading and reacting to the triggers — especially the slide ones — are difficult for me. My comfort zone is between Basic (No. 1 – 40?) and Expert (No. 40? – 70?).  Of course, that’s not to say that the lower numbered scores have easier note patterns.  Anything with a hold + slide at the end + slide trigger immediately after still murders me most of the time. 😛
But, as with most rhythm games, faster speeds can be beneficial at times since the notes will be spaced out more.  I mean, try playing some of the more complicated note charts in DJMax on 1x or 0.5x speed. (MX or SC charts on either of those speeds is basically suicidal. :P) I actually wish that we COULD select speeds in Theatrhythm.  I know I’d most likely perform better on some of the “slower” stages.

  • Edit: The following DOES NOT WORK. See edit #1 below: Hrrrrngh. I think, unless I get rid of some of the No. 60+ ones, the game will continually give me higher level Dark Notes. I don’t feel like removing all the ones in the 60 – 70 range since some of them have shards that I want. :/ However, I may not want to replay those particular ones over and over just for the shards. Sigh. ….. I suppose I COULD since I would think that the shard drops from bosses are randomized so they could still be available in lower numbered Dark Notes. Hopefully.
  • I wonder what the requirement is for getting to the 2nd and 3rd bosses for Dark Notes No. 60 and above?  I can S rank the FMS and STILL not pass the sign that points to either boss. I wonder if it has to do with the number of Goods, Bads, and Misses?  I would throw on every speed boosting ability for FMS stages on my characters but I would also like to survive the BMS that follows too. 😛  Speaking of which~
  • Lv 3 Lance is a godsend in these tougher Dark Note BMS stages. While it IS dependent on actually HITTING the notes on the character’s lane, it’s been very useful so far! The only member in my party that has it at the moment is Cloud. I think I’ll hang onto him even after he reaches level 99. ^^  I don’t think I have any items that allow characters to learn it. I wonder if there is even such an item? 😮
  • Would slide triggers work better as flicks instead? I wonder how well I’d react to those since, in Utacchi, flicks kill me too. XD

Edit #1:

  • Deliberately messing up and making my characters trip and fall all over during an Dark Note FMS sure is hard. I have to make sure not to overdo it. ^^;
  • Well, that seemed to be a bust. Removing all the higher number Dark Notes doesn’t really do anything. It seems like once your most recent Dark Note reaches a certain point, all the Dark Notes that come after will continue to increase in number from there regardless of whether or not you remove the newer ones. .____.;; I could have sworn it worked before. 😦

Edit #2:

  • Using my index finger in place of a stylus now. I want to see if it makes any difference. X3

Edit #3:

  • FMS is harder to do when using a finger. ^^

Edit #4:

  • Due to my goofy experiment with the Dark Notes, I am now forever stuck with Something to Protect, Ending Movie (FFXII), and Defiers of Fate. 9___9  Even the new No. 80+ Dark Notes are giving me the same tunes. FFUUUUU, Theatrhythm!
  •  Wow. I actually didn’t even fight any particular boss in one Dark Note score. o_O

Edit #5:

  • Bizarre. It was always my assumption that the maximum is No. 99 Mv. 99 but now it’s gone backward.  The gap between my DN Scores is strange too. I nuked everything after No. 29 Mv. 48 which was originally filled with No. 30 – 70. So now, it reads like this. Bear in mind that I didn’t delete anything after No. 85:

    My current list of Dark Notes
    My current list of Dark Notes
  • To date, I have cleared around 37 Dark Notes, I think.

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