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Love letters from me

Dear Nintendo of North America,

Your Club Nintendo rewards suck. Always have and probably always will. And I don’t mean the Gold and Platinum rewards.  I mean generally pretty much everything that’s ever been up for redemption has been uninteresting and unappealing.

– me

Dear Theatrhythm,

Stop giving me:

  1. Music for the Music Player, and
  2. Movies for the Movie Player

I do not care about these things.

– me

Dear Falcom,

For the love of God, spare some time to focus on a new IP or Ys again.  Yes, the Kiseki series is making you a buttload of money but goddammit, you can do something else on the side too. It’s seriously frustrating for fans that don’t care about The Legend of Heroes series.

– me

Dear Kairosoft,

It’s seriously time to invest in some public relations and customer service, especially when it comes to dealing with foreign fans. I’m not quite sure why it’s so difficult to write short lines of text explaining what’s been when updates occur for your iOS and Android games. I mean, even the Japanese releases don’t have change logs.

It’s also quite disheartening to see games released with bugs, sometimes fatal ones too since it gives the impression that you’re not all that serious about your games. Perhaps, on top of PR and CS, you can get some proper quality assurance going too.

One more thing: Do those Twitter and Facebook accounts actually belong to you?

– me

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