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All right. So I’m still playing Theatrhythm despite my bitching in the previous post about the game :P

It turns out all the fun is in the Chaos Shrine. The Series courses just suck big time.

It’s strange cuz whenever I do one of those courses, I FEEL the grinding, but when I only focus on Dark Note Scores, I’m fine. ^^~

I need to play the FFIV Final Battle music more often. I’m actually surprised the game doesn’t take into account the tunes played in the Chaos Shrine for “Most Played Song” cuz lord knows I’ve played Something to Protect a billion times with a billion different note patterns already.

The randomization has been rather nice lately; it’s stopped hammering me with FFIX and FFXII music.  However, they’re still heavily cycled into the courses so I’ll still get them every now and then. .___.

Anyway, I’ve updated my ProfiCard! XD  I love FFIII Cid! He looks like such a jolly character~!  I even unlocked him as a character to use. ^o^~!  You know, it’d be funny if Square trolled everyone and made every crystal unlock some version of Cid. >:D I think my next unlock is Locke or a silhouette that looks like Ashe.  I got about 2 – 3 shards left for both.

Updated ProfiCard XD
Updated ProfiCard XD
Back of Updated ProfiCard XD
Back of Updated ProfiCard XD

And here’s the stylus that’s been getting me through all the stages. ^o^  I was using a fat one that I bought from Play Asia a while back but I found that it kept causing me to do horribly. 😦  Since the stylus that came with the 3DS was getting me a better performance, I figured that its size (and possibly the tip) was the problem.

This Taiko no Tatsujin stylus is part of a pair that came with the first DS Taiko no Tatsujin game. The second one also had an identical pair too. :3

Huh. I never noticed that the ones that came with the third game were golden. :O  (Damn Nintendo for region locking the 3DS. I can’t play the 3DS Taiko game. >:0)

Taiko no Tatsujin stylus! Da don! XD
Taiko no Tatsujin stylus! Da don! XD

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