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Puzzle & Dragons events

I’m kind of wishing that people happened on my blog post about the game earlier in the year since I’m somewhat losing interest in playing. XD I’m kind of at dead end right now as my newest dungeon (top one in the screenshot below) is a killer and very difficult to complete without using up Magic Stones to continue. It’s usually not the regular enemies that do me in; it’s the damn boss monster. I think the last few were able to 2-hit my party.

I suppose I wouldn’t have so many problems if I could strategize and see + set up patterns beforehand. Oh well, I always did kind of suck at puzzle games. ^^~

Anyway, the point of this post is, well, just for the screencap since I’ve NEVER seen GungHo hold specials for every single normal dungeon before. This particular one is for 1.5x the normal drop rate and it lasts for 4 days. I’m guessing it started yesterday?

At any rate, I’m going to play a little today to get some money and monsters. Whee~!

Puzzle & Dragons 1.5 drop rate event
Puzzle & Dragons 1.5 drop rate event

2 thoughts on “Puzzle & Dragons events

  1. Hello it’s me again! Maybe i’ll be able to tweet u when i get updates on the game? I’ve been playing consistently haha

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