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Forgotten Tales: Tips and Rage

Edit on August 30th, 2012: This post was done way back in April when the game was still wholly incomplete and new. It had an immense amount of balancing issues and required insane amounts of grinding for levelling and money. As subsequent updates pretty much didn’t address a lot of the issues I’ve pointed out, I’ve since uninstalled the game. I have no idea how things improved or degraded with the recent updates nor do I care since I’ve given up on Forgotten Tales.

I recommend people to read the comments that other players left for more up-to-date guidance.  The developer has also made a forum so you can check there for hints and information on bugs and such:


While on my quest to find fun and engaging Android games to play, I came across Forgotten Tales which seemed decent from screenshots and with a near 5-star rating from 80+ users, I figure it was worth a shot.  But after some quality time with it, I’m finding it difficult to understand how in all hell people could give the game anything beyond 2 or 3 stars.  I take it they’re all just masochists with really low expectations.  Here’s my experience so far:


It’s not difficult to figure out the controls although I can’t fathom why anyone would want to play the game on the default speed. I always have it at double speed because everything moves so dreadfully slow to me. (I’m using a Galaxy Tab 10.1.)  At first, the game really did seem decent.  I tried out the little dungeon that was southeast of the Forester and took out some skeletons.  I freaked out a little that they could move so much faster than my character but after 2 or 3 battles, I managed to jet and get out of there alive.  Your character regenerates health automatically so I had him stand around for a bit.  Once the health bar was back in the green, I travelled southwest to Kedington Village.

An odd thing about the NPCs (non-player characters) in this game is that, although you get the little speech balloon icon if you move your cursor over them, they have NOTHING to say! Even more strange is the fact that these NPCs can disappear from the area all together if you return at a later time. Anyway, the only ones that will even acknowledge your existence are the ones that have a little question mark icon next to them.

The first character I spoke to was a man standing around in the southwest part of the village.  He gives you the quest to deliver a message to his brother, a gravedigger, in the southern village/town of Ashdown.  Shouldn’t be too difficult, right?  RIGHT??? (Oh yeah, at some point, you can talk to the woman (possibly a hooker?) in Kedington.  After you do your thing with her, you get 25 XP or something.)

Unfortunately, unless you a) did some grinding with the skeletons in the aforementioned dungeon to get enough spoils and money to afford armor and a better weapon, and b) you save like crazy, there’s a very good chance that you will DIE on the way there.  For one thing, the highway bandit (the guy with a green cape) can overpower you easily if you didn’t beef up beforehand.  You may also run into the ever-so-terrible-predicament of being attacked by a giant mob of spiders, wolves, and more highway bandits all at the same time. Although this is not a common occurrence, spiders DO frequently come after you if you’re within the vicinity of the signpost north of the guardhouse near Ashdown.

Forgotten Tales
You don’t want to get into this situation when you’re level 1, travelling alone, and armed only with a wimpy sword.

Oh yeah, there’s a party member with my character in that screenshot. (The member = the other guy with a giant grey oval under him.) I’ll get to this in the next paragraph. XD

In Ashdown, I ran into some random guy that wanted to join forces with me to take out some mean orcs that took over the mines in the east. Cool. A party member! Maybe I won’t have to worry so much about dying all the time now.  Afterwards, I chucked the letter at the gravedigger and it was off to the mines for orc hunting.

Alas, after about a minute of slashing, the one orc I encountered at the mines still wasn’t dead. Instead, my character was the only one taking damage. That’s when I decided to simply reload the bloody game.

So now, all I’m doing is running around and grinding because it takes 300 XP to get to level 3. I only mention the experience because enemies that I can actually kill only give around 2 XP.  All I can hope for is that they drop gold or things I can sell.  I’m not sure why wolves keep dropping their “fungs” because all they do is take up space in inventory as you can’t sell them.

Forgotten Tales: Wolf Fungs
I think you mean fangs. And are these needed for some eventual quest because I can’t sell them or use them in any way.


Forgotten Tales is a definite work in progress. At the moment, it has extreme balancing issues and a terrible lack of direction for players. I’m all for open world games and exploration but I also like to be able to SURVIVE in them.  It’s actually kind of puzzling why it was released to the public in its current state. It would make a bit more sense if it had the word “BETA” slapped onto the end.

Back to the topic of survival, see the red-headed asshole in the screen below? You try and take him down at level 2 with default equipment, or hell, even the first armor “set” and a Sabre AND with your faithful companion from Ashdown by your side. Good fucking luck.

Forgotten Tales: Bloody Bandit Guy
This enemy should NOT be so close to the second village.

I’ve played my fair share of Western, Japanese, and Korean RPGs — both single player and massively multiplayer online — and generally, there’s something known as game progression.  Typically, you can’t access areas with enemies that you can’t handle due to level, capabilities, etc. until you fulfil certain requirements like advancing the plot.  I’m not entirely sure there really IS a story in Forgotten Tales but regardless, it ignores any sort of logical continuity and allows you to innocently wander into these particular areas.

To add insult to injury, these said areas are immediately east AND west to the goddamn fucking SECOND village.

In order to take on the enemies, you essentially either need to level up — which takes forever due to the low experience points enemies give — or grind until you have enough money to afford better equipment.  Speaking about equipment, here’s a hilarious screenshot:

Forgotten Tales: Expensive shit in the second village
What is up with the prices of the armor?

This is from the shop in the SECOND village. I take it there aren’t many settlements and such in the game so this place probably doubles as “the town that’s before a late game dungeon” as well. At the pace the game is going at, I can tell you that it will be agony to even rack up 1000 pieces of gold.

Another annoyance is that NPCs don’t repeat dialogue nor speak to you again. Some of them do if you return to them after you finish the request they made.  However, if you just so happened to accidentally click out of a conversation because enemies started swarming you while you were talking to someone, you won’t ever know what the hell the person was chatting about unless you reload the game.

Finally, random enemy mobs. It’s not like I’m fleeing from monsters and then running into another group of them. My party is simply walking along the cobblestone path and then BAM! Monsters from literally all directions just come out of no where and charge directly toward it.  As mentioned before, this isn’t something that happens often but the fact that it can still happen is kind of frustrating and shouldn’t even be a possibility.

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  1. Hi,
    I am developer of Forgotten Tales – the only one developer;) Thanks for pointing out the problems. I will try to improve game soon.

    1. I have recently downloaded and played this game. There are few things that I do not understand such as, just south and west of when you start there is a hole in the ground. You take ladder down the hole and see that you are in a cave of sorts. Follow that to the end and there is some sort of pedestal like thing, but no clue as to what it is for. To the east of the second town there is a path between some stones, when you go down the path you encounter bandits (men in armor) and a tower with a locked door. Again, no clue if it is just scenery or if it has a purpose. To the west of the second village and to the end (going west) road, there seems to be a ship. Again decoration or purpose? I have gathered a group of four and leveled them up to level 4, but don´t know if there is anything left to do or just keep killing just to make levels. I agree with the person above, having some sort of indication on where to go would be nice.

      1. The biggest problem is that it’s a work in progress. Not quite sure why these things couldn’t have been left out until they actually had a use or at least have a little message pop up with stating “Coming soon” or something like when you try to go beyond certain map areas.

        I actually finished all that I could of the game so far. It’s still a tad frustrating and balance issues and ridiculous mobs remain. I am still unimpressed by the amount of grinding required to level up.

        I’m also still experiencing the issue where potions work intermittently. It’s very annoying when you’re being attacked by 10 enemies at once and can’t heal.

        …… Wait. How did you get a party of 4? I’m forever stuck with just 2 individuals in my game. ^^ Oh wait, I found the archer. Man, he walks fast.

        1. Guy hangs around castle south of signpost. He cost 1,000 gold but rather easy with a party of three to get it. Those bandits and their leader give swords worth 27 each. I am up to near level 5 (3,000 xp) with some gear that is above level 4. To the East of that castle is a magic shop so must be a magic guy but do not have. Near there a bit south and east is a portal that takes you north near another city with better gear.

          Swarming happens in certain places on the map. If you go there you get swarmed useful for leveling. The ship east of the signpost is quite good you can fight three or more at a time as you get stronger. The archer is weak he is the hardest to keep healthy. But you do get free 50 hp potion bottles.

        2. 1. the main character
          2. the archer
          3. a knight (you must pay 1000 gold to make him join your party)
          4. the viking like guy

    2. got another bug for you…I took the quest from the guy by the Ashton sign to recover the emerald from the bandits. While being mobbed by about a half dozen of them the gem dropped, but before i could click on it the battle moved on and it disappeared. Since then I’ve been grinding in the same spot for hours but no emerald. Is there a way to reset this quest?

    3. I first took the red bracelet and helmet from the orc throne room. Expanded my party with the blue knight and got the blue bracelet. Now the red one and the helmet are gone and the boxex in the throne room keep looted. Did i miss something here or is this a bug.

    4. your post is over a year old ! any updates. levl up is slow, the equipmnt doesnt keep up with strenth of foes , ads freeze screen I want to continue playing just waiting for improvements

    5. I absolutely love this game. If you gather up 3 party members then go wayyyy north to the ship that lost its crew and join, without fighting… run,,run,run till you get there, then afterward you auto advance to level 11 ”’ the parts of the map that aren’t available… by the time the map is available… the characters will be leveled enough to beat them…. looking forward to the finished app!

          1. Never mind I have party of 5 at level 8 and growing. But the best place to grind for exp is the orc mine

    6. A arrow giving aprox direction to complete quest might be needed or at least the npcs to repeat the quest and or directions till its completed other aspects of game I find tolerable after all its what this type of game is based on adventure and unknown events. I been logging Lotta hours and so far I like the game, it reminds me a bit of final fantasy 1 which I couldn’t get enough of back in the day, keep up the good work I’m looking forward to updates.
      R Irwin

    7. since it is many years later from this post and still you have idiotic level 400 spiders that teleport to you and kill you withough chance of leaving. quest items thrown on ground even before you explain that items get thrown on ground, and when you explain items on ground you say drops not pointing out that quest items are also on the ground and when the person does not take the quest item off the ground the characters quest chain is BROKEN and things considered dumb in most any other game, like level 8 items in shops with very high level, im pretty sure you wont fix that.

  2. Yes the archer is fast, did you also find the guy with the ax? The knight near the castle will join, but it will cost 1000 gold (he is alreadly lvl 4).
    Withthe group of three that u have, go east from the 2nd village. Thereis a path between some boulders, when u head south go slow and u will find an area that spawns armored men. Kill and loot everything, go to village and sell/dump, go back to path, head south and repeat a few times till you can get the better armor that u can. Also the healing potions are pretty good. From the 2nd village if u go west (next map) follow road and near the sign is a man giving a quest. Keep heading south to get to the knight for hire. If you keep going west instead, u will go to a place with more armored men (pirate looking), they drop the healing potions also.

    1. Blargh. I’m just grinding to get enough money to outfit the archer. 😛 Since I just picked him up, he’s super weak. (The other two in the party are at level 3. The other member is the axe guy)

      I can’t grind the pirates at the west side yet so I’m stuck with doing skeleton mobs. I might do the one with the highway bandits (in the mountainous area) but at one point, I think I had 20 of them coming after me so I don’t hang around there too long.

      Do you have any issues with healing your characters? :/

      1. the health potions work to some extent. u can buy a couple from the village shop. Only thing is that after u use it, it falls from the inventory and onto the ground. So when u go back to the world screen look for it and pick it up again. I think u can get about 4 – 7 uses before it is gone. Also, it may improve ur survival chances to get the 1000 gold to hire the knight, he is pretty tough and at level 4 he has the sword of fury which does a nice bit of damage. he is rather slow when u move around, but makes a decent tank til u can get the improved armor for ur group. If u head south to the grave digger and that village, a bit further south and east is a mine and some orcs. the orcs drop improved chain. The hardest part that I have encountered is the map east of where u start. There u will meet a queen that request for u to take her to her king (40 gp reward). Be careful there, there are some archers and some of them use a superior bow. 3 or 4 can kill some of ur party members. Also if you go all the way east you may encounter dragons. they drop a very nice helm and some maces, though I have not found another member to use the club line weapons.

        1. Sigh. Pretty sure that’s some sort of coding issue with the potions acting that way. Are you sure your characters are healing when you “use” them? It seems to be that they just drop the potions and pick them up. EVENTUALLY, at some point, they’ll actually make use of a potion. XD It’s actually frustrating. ^^;;

          Thanks for the heads up about the dragons. I usually turn back once I see the swarms of archers gunning toward my party. ^^;

        2. The mission where you save the queen, just east of that village u should find an orc who joins forces with you. He uses blunt weapons.I would’ve had five man team, but after I got orc I was mobbed and saved over. Sux, i dont know about getting another.
          So now I’m stuck with 4 at lvl 4, still grinding, and really can’t progress.

        3. if you are having trouble saving the queen, don’t walk up the path instead walk straight north from where you pick her up cross the river at the bridge, then east along the path straight to the town. To pick up a character who uses clubs go further east from the town into the rocks (next section of map east) there is a lone ogre who will join your party.

    2. i found a mage on the road east from the very first village, but after i had hired the red knight and i was about level 4 or 5 , (the red knight leaves your party for some reason, but you can allways hire him again at 1000 of course)

      1. I hired the mage and blue knight left. I have enought money (18 000 or such), but the only answer it is suggested is: I do not have that kind of money. So I cannot hire him again. ????

          1. (This reply also contains some hints and tips for anyone who’s interested. And be sure to check that post of Paul someways below this one. It has “legal” tricks to get VERY rich early on. And by rich I mean never having to worry about gold again. Unless the dev changed it? I hope not.)

            You can only have a total of 5 party members (including the main character). After the archer, dwarf, ogre, azure knight (1k gold), there is the mage. She only joins if you have the azure knight with you, making him leave the party, and consequently costing you that 1k gold. But the mage is probably the best character because according to the help website, she never misses. It’s still weird coding though. You should not be able to interact with him after he leaves the party. Unless it’s changed already? I’m saying this because I’m still new to the game and currently trying the mage quest myself.

            Hints and tips.

            It’s now 2017, not sure what all is fixed, but I haven’t encountered any real problems yet, aside from the grinding, but that may actually have been improved. Because it seems okay if you have a full party and gear them up asap. I restarted once when I was level 7, because I figured I messed up my stats and I think I forgot to pick up a quest drop. I also wanted to have all companions asap, to level them early with my main and to improve grind. Now I’m level 6 again with a full party, with the knight that is. I’m trying to do the mage quest now but I think I need to be a little higher level because there’s some tough ogres in the caves the mage quest sends me, which I can’t kill fast enough yet. Although they don’t seem to hurt me that much one at a time, I definitely can’t deal with a swarm. They give 70 EXP though and I may stay there to level with patience (I’m currently at one of those cave entrances as I write this). …I just killed two as a test. One dropped a large gold pile, the other nothing.

            Raising stats:
            Check out the “to-hit calculations” on the help website and you’ll notice that DEX is probably the single most important stat to raise. At least early on becasue STR and HP are also raised by better gear. If you have doubts, go see the units page at game startup, and check for high level enemies you’ve encountered (and raped you in a single hit). The DEX on some of these enemies are insane (from a low level perspective). To be able to hit them properly you’ll need to top that number. Not sure what the level cap is but I guess A LOT of points may need to go into DEX, which seems weird when you can spend points in STR/HP as well. Maybe there are items with huge DEX bonuses I don’t know about yet? I’ve only seen some with a minor DEX increase. Just keep it in mind, and you can always re-stat (see above) if you think you messed up.

            Location companions:
            Archer – Kedington village, mid-south forest (spider quest from town leads there).
            Dwarf – Ashdown village, mid-southwest if I’m correct.
            Ogre – East area of starting position, outermost northwest corner flanking the river.
            Azure Knight (1k gold) – On the road from Kedington to Ashdown, mid section next to his castle. It’s the area with pirates and bandits.
            Mage – South area of Kedington or east area of Ashdown, mid-north. She sometimes stands close to the border and can be overlooked, or not interacted with because of that. Just keep transitioning areas until she spawns a little lower. (Bad design, sorry.)

            About the archer:
            Equip your archer! He starts out with the lowest HP, and has the most crappy bow on the planet. He’s your weakest link. First get him the best bow from Ashdown he can use, and then the best armor you can afford. He’s dead weight if you don’t.

            Early grind, from low to higher level:
            – Skeleton (swarms? I never did that grind.) in the cave mid-south at the starting area.
            – Bandit swarms at Kedington southeast corner.
            – Pirate swarms east area of Kedington.
            – Ogre caves southeast corner Ashdown (superior chain mail drops).

            Being at level 6, I’m grinding at the ogre caves now. HP potions are cheap at Ashdown (6 gold). Just buy a bunch of them.

            Many enemies drop gear for free (see above). Early bandits drop helmets and swords, and pirates drop some nice sabers. I can’t remember it all, but you’ll get the point. So don’t be to hasty to buy the more expensive armor, except for the archer. Melee companions start with decent enough gear to help you out with the lower level grind. Just remember to equip armor on the right melee companion, and swap to increase the armor stats about equally. Early on, If you have all the free companions, which anyone can do at lowest level, weapons are most important. Unless you like to solo, if that’s even remotely possible/doable.

            Inventory space:
            Seems okay to me. Every companion adds another backpack (inventory page), and I haven’t found any quest items I needed to hang on to for too long. I guess I’ll need mana potions later as well but with 5 backpacks it should be okay. Most space goes to loot that you’ll sell.

            Best shop to sell items:
            Banktown. Easiest way to get there at lower level is through the Azure knight area portal next to the magic shop. Just don’t go south in the Banktown area. There’s undead that will rape you if you’re party’s not at a sufficient level :D.
            But only buy from that shop if you really have to, because even though the shop pays more, it also takes more. For instance, that (red) Dragon Bow costs you 500 gold. In Ashdown it’ll cost you 450. But shop prices will vary from town to town, and that bow also costs 500 in Kedington.

            I play this on an android phone and I find it hard to tap on a party member to single it out, or to target a specific enemy, even when fully zoomed in. Mostly I simply (re)position the whole party at once near enemies and let auto attack take its course. Works for me.

            The speed option should always be set on double speed, unless you need to micromanage combat more easily, but that’s an assumption.

            Npc’s may re-spawn at slightly random positions. But afaik it’s usually near where you first saw them. I guess they have busy lives…

            The pathing is terrible but you’ll get used to it at some point.

            Directions to quests are sometimes hard to follow when you have to go through areas with high level mobs. Simply come back later I guess. Or save and reload before taking the quest, which is actually a vital thing to do.

            Save save save! To bad there’s only 3 save slots. It would be REALLY frustrating if you mess up your saves after grinding for months or even years. But then again, more games are like that. At least it has a save option right?

            Just remember to sell (mostly) at Banktown shop. It’s off course okay to sell anywhere else if you just need a little extra cash to buy something (I’m doing it), but early on it can make a difference to get you going. It’s probably going to be a hassle to have to go to Banktown every time, but I’m guessing the prices are percentage based, so higher level items would probably sell for much more, and it’d be crazy not to go there. But like I said, I’m still new to the game, and there may even be better shops to sell at. But the name, Banktown, probably implies something other than simply having a bank, which I can’t seem to access. Maybe I need more gold? Does it give interest? 😀

            That’s it. Don’t forget to smile people. It keeps you healthy 🙂

          2. Forgot to add directions to the stat reset npc. She’s located at the starting area northeast. It will cost you a level to re-do stats, but it’s a nice feature.

    3. If 1 of your members die how do you get them back? I lost my axeman. But I do have the orge, the archman, and the knight. looking for the mage. If you look right of the shop where you drop the queen off that’s where you can find the orge for those who havnt found him. and he’s free. Level 3.

      1. The only way to get a dead character back is to restore the game from a save where he/she still existed.

  3. Well everytime I use a potion when the party member goes yellow (health bar) I take a potion and bar goes green. Remember there are two kinds, one heals 25 points the other 50.
    I may have to re-start my group because my archer dies and when I went to re-load game I accidentally saved. As far as I know there is no resurection in the game. A dead character is dead forever.
    That hole in the ground on the start-up map would make a great shrine location where you can go and revive a dead character.

    1. Hiya Hector,
      I also just downloaded your game and am playing it for a couple of days now.. There are tonnes of question with no where to find an answer to.. may it it would be good if you start up a forum on this and players in general could provide you feedback and suggestion to improve your game.. (if you already have a forum, pray tell, pls..)

      My questions are as below:
      1. significant of attack, def and speed for the characters. What does these attributed do?.. I.e. does attack adds up chances of successful attack or just buff up damages? Same question on def – does it increase chance of deflecting an attack or reduce damages received?. what about speed? I am assuming that archers should have high stats on speed, right?

      2. does the 3 attributes above have any significant in the players using certain weapons?

      3. what is the max party size? from what i read above, it seems like 4, can i confirm this, pls?

      4. i note you mention 3 characters. namely, the archer, the axe-man and the knight. i did chanced upon a ‘temple’ or sort that sells magical wands as well as cloaks for mages.. do you have a npc mage in the game too? (pray share the location.. would luv to have a mage in my party 😛 )

      5. can my own character be converted into a archer or mage?

      I have many more questions to ask.. but i would stop here for now.. Do hope to read your kind reply soon.. thanx


      1. Actually, the developer is Mateusz. ^^ He can be contacted at Hector’s just a user like we are. 😀

        In regards to selling equipment, it seems like you can only sell the same type of stuff that the store you’re in is selling so if the shop doesn’t sell any armor then you can’t sell any there. .__.;;

        Anyway, I’ve given up on this game since I find that I can’t play role-playing games that have no plot or direction. Well, except MMORPGs which I EXPECT no plot. 😛

        1. The plot is to get your memory back and of course waste time while thwarting evil.

      2. kay for number three you can find the mage in the top of the middle south part of the map sections hes by a cave fill with ogers if you do the quest he joins i have 4 people 3 lvl 4’s and 1 level 3 and i have not finished the quest but i need to find a good way to get money (ps if any1 has characters that are level for go to the south-east part of the map and go in the cave to get 3 frost wepons worth 700 coins each 😀

      3. There is a mage , max party seems to be 4 ‘,a lot of mindless grinding bet have been able to do almost everything’ level 14, but there are areas within game that remain inaccessable, doors with no keys, and areas with no apparent way in, part of town to the sw lower area as an example

        1. Oops max is 5 , appologies’ and there are potions for 250 and 500 later in game in town to far west second grid from top

      4. yea there is mage I havnt found him yet. I did find the orge so my camp is 5 right now. It seems including your main character you can have 6 members in all

    2. o-ya.. one more question..

      why is it that we can sell of body armor to the shop but not shields and head caps?.. 0.o

  4. Few things:

    1) XP per level needs to be adjusted big time. Also game crashes when you’re about to hit level 13.

    2) You should not have to choose between the knight and the mage. Allow both. The mage should start off at level 4 or 5 at least.

    3) Make NPCs move less. Some that should have encountered at the beginning were never found since they can wander so much. Cut the allowed radius in at least half, maybe more.

    4) Top left monsters…at level 12 (current max) with best gear allowed in game, still impossible to kill the vikings.

    5) Need to fix multiple typos

    If you ever need any help with that type of stuff let me know. Was a fun game.

    1. Point 1 and 5 fixed.
      2 – It is hard to walk with so many characters. Maybe I will improve it somehow.
      3 – You are right it should be done better.
      4 – what is your characters dexterity?

      1. The one thing I noticed is that the mage will not talk with group unless you hire the knight first. It seems unfair that if you want the mage that you have to spend 1000 coins to hire the knight so that the mage talks to you so you can drop the knight if you want to use the mage.

        I restarted the game again to see how the mage works out, but he doesn´t. When I had in party I went by some bandits and the mage did not do anything. I sold his staff and got the next one better (green), but still the mage does not attack. Am I missing something or can the mage only attack with the scrolls? If that is the case, then it will be damn expensive to get the mage to attack. Would appreciate any ideas on this.

      2. Mateusz,

        Point 1 has only been partially addressed. Levelling is still WAY to slow compared to the monsters increase in difficulty. The monster stats are way beyond party members – you would need to be level 20 and have much better equipment to fight them effectively.

        I recommend:
        a) lower the XP required per level, and/or
        b) increase the skill points offered per level

        Levelling should be more like: 2@20, 3@50, 4@120, 5@250, 6@600, 7@1500, 8@3000, 9@6000, 10@12000, and double for every level after that

        Skill points should also be revised up. WIth the above levelling system 3 points would be appropriate, while the current system demands 5!

        For current players I suggest a special NPC or shrine that calculates if you have the right number of (corrected) skill points for your level and if you are below, corrects your level and skill points accordingly. I also like the resurrection shrine idea, but it should be dangerous to get to or require an expensive offering of gold (per level of the characeter you are raising).

        Currently I have to grind orcs for 10 hours just to get tough enough for the yeti’s. Vikings are currently a surgical strike, escape when there is more than one and I have a party of level 8s!

        Also recommend scaling the effectiveness of the mage’s skills with level or power because the damage skills are useless against anything with 500+ HP and as characters level they need a whole lot more healing.

        WHat is Dex used for with a mage – he doesn’t attack? Perhaps this could be a mana regen rate.

        Also, mage needs an enemy debuff, sleep/paralise or powerful single target spell. To stop this getting cumbersome I recommend:

        1: increasing max party size to 5
        2: add a cleric that uses the mace (and can attack)
        3: assign heaing and protection spells to the cleric
        4: assign offensive spells to the mage
        5: have three spell buttons – one for the cleric (an Ankh symbol) and one for the mage (current symbol), and one for consumables (a potion symbol) – these should open away from the action – on a smart phone It covers the top half of the screen!
        6: Have storage per party member or bags to buy for additional storage needs that more spells will require
        7: Potions that heal 100 or more might also be nice

        Mage needs to avoid combat, not run at the nearest monster! Perhaps run from monsters towards the least engaged party member.

          1. No ogre on my map. Checked it multiple times he’s simply not there. Even tried saving and getting rid of a member and checking again and nothing. Also would like to use this opportunity to point out to those who are against the current xp system: if you need to grind ogres for 10 hours, perhaps you should be grinding somewhere else? I am fine with the xp system, I’m level 9 and currently use the boat west of the sign that says “west sea” or something like that. You walk up to the edge of the map and you’re swarmed by pirates. Also I just ran to maps too strong for me, stole treasure and ran. I’ve found level 20 equip. and currently have over 100k with everyone fully outfitted to max armor and weapons. Hope this helps anyone.

  5. I agree with Vanners regarding XP. Still needs adjusting. Certainly a LOT better than what it was before. You really only need to reach level 10 to become invincible in the game though, once you have over a certain amount of dexterity, you’re un touchable. The other stats in the game are really under powered compared to dexterity which not only increases your hit rate, but apparently significantly increases your ability to evade. Game crashes at level 20 now.

    Items: The power weapons (bow and sword) are amazing.. unable to find a power axe though. You need to have better healing potions available. 100, 150 and 200 hp potions are a must. Less duplication of items (several items with different names have the same values….). Better organization of items at locations to buy. EVERY shop should sale potions unless major re-working of the game is done that has multiple shops per town. The kite shield and death shield (love the graphic!) are great. You need to reduce cost of some items significantly. 9K gold for the green dragon platemail or whatever it is is a bit steep. 3K would probably be a good price.

    Stats: I think the 2 points per level is fine, but need to adjust significantly what they all do. Would be cool if it was actually worth your wild to have one character high dex (ie the archer) and others high def (the knight) and another high str (maybe main toon or axe guy/girl (dunno!!)

    Units tab ( Additional information such as the names of the mobs would be cool. As well as what they drop!)

    Monsters: Ghosts and mummies were cool. I really enjoyed watching the ghosts die (blink outof existance it looked like) and the mummies were ok. There probably needs to be done some adjustment on monster stats, but I haven’t come up with good ideas on that as of yet.

    Maps: Looking forward to having some new maps!!!! Also, the temple (where you buy mage items) is not shown on the mini map as a white square like all other buildings. Would be nice if stairways and what have you were identified on the mini map. Maybe have a fog of war on the mini map until an area is explored? I thought I had explored everywhere and just came upon the ghosts and mummies dungeon today (4 levels deep was cool, but need to add more to it). Maybe that area was just added from update, not sure. Either way, would be useful to know where the dungeons are/were other than using your memory. I suggest maybe using a red square.

    Dragons should be far more powerful than they currently are… vikings harder than a dragon? really? I’d like to see fire dragons up north as well, rather than just same dragons. Maybe ice dragons in the snow cap area as well.

    That’s it for now!

    1. Oh, I’m not sure why 5 characters is a problem. I’ve had 5 in my group (main, Archer, Knight, Axe, and queen) and no problem.

      1. 5 fighting chars is also possible: Just found the ‘strongest warrior of the oger-clan’ after stealing the yellow crystal from the stonecircle, he appeared in the mountains there. Its one of the most eastern maps.

        Oh, and he is the one who uses clubs, in case you wondered.

        Now to find out what the crystal is for…

        1. Give yellow crystal to the mage sw of the stone hendge and receive xp plus a king sword .

          1. I snuck through the stones and grabbed the crystal without getting hit as a lvl 5. The trolls are slow so I just slipped into the next square, came back, and talked to the man. I do that with all dungeons, sneak in, sneak out. I’m only lvl 7 now and have already been nearly everywhere on the map. Already been through three high lvl dungeons, got the items, then snuck out. Like a boss.

    2. I’m really not understanding why these things weren’t just implemented in the beginning. It would have saved a lot of players heartache and headache. >_> I guess the dev wanted to do something different for an RPG? For me, different would be finding something to replace incessant grinding to level up and get money.

      1. A big fan of RPG here. there is a trick to earn gold and buy da best weapon and armor to ur current level. the trick is to recruit the NPC’s to ur team( at first the one’s who joins for free. archer and the viking.) take them around for some fighting and earn at least 300 gold get the archer and ur main character a chainmail and the viking a lvl2 axe which wil cost u around 290 gold then do the skeleton quest and get the shield for the main character keep on smashing the skeletons for gold and items (especially for items). note that every village shops don’t buy or sell da same items so find out which shop buys or sell which items from the begining for ur future reference. Now later take up da easy quest to get gold enough to recruit the knight by than u will be lvl 3 minimum. this is where the fun begins. there is a robbers camp near the second village in stone mountains with a tower (hard to miss). get inside and don’t fight the robbers on ur way inside. Looted the possible chest u can get ur hands on there in the tower u will find a lvl 3 sword and some gold give ur main character the sword for nw it will make him do a good amount of damage for a start. Get out of the tower and move further north to the next map there u will find two shops and a black smith he will give u a quest to recover three metal ingots(gold/carbon/iron) from the orcs. Now go inside the orcs infested mine to get it. why the mine?? Because the orcs inside the mine drops the quest item faster. Swarming of enemies happens because the appearance of enemies is triggered when u move across certain points so as long as u remain in those points the enemies will keep on appearing. This can be use to ur advantage if u planned it correct (for xp/gold/items) especially the weak enemies. For strong enemies do not stay in those points for too long. Pick them off one at a time. Now coming back to the point, once u get the metal ingots hurry back to the blacksmith(he won’t remain at the same spot always so u have to look for him but not too far from the armor shop. Give him the metals and he will craft for u a platemail. Give it to the archer coz he is the weakest link in ur team. For the rest of the members in the early levels they are strong enough to withstand a few beating. After completing the quest for the blacksmith mission things will get a lot easier. Now you can craft items but again most of those items which u can craft is way above ur level so at the moment to use and also u need a woodcutter axe and a pickaxe for mining of ingots and chopping for crafting and this two items are 5k each and that’s one heck of an amount to accquire especially in this particular game but fear not there is an easy way. It takes a while but easy. In that crafting tab there is one item which we can craft easily and that is the large health potions. It requires 1 medium health potion(7gold) and a wasp sting(bee drops). U do know where u can get the the sting right? Nw remember the trigger points i talk about earlier. find out where it is on the map where there are bees keeping moving to and fro in that to accumulate the bees. No matter how many appears and come after u bees are easy to take out. Collect as many ans u can to buy da pick axe. one large health potion can get u 320 gold so keep on crafting. Once u collect the gold and get the pick axe head back to the mine to get the iron ores. Again mining ores takes time. to get an iron ingot u need 10 ores and for the first part u need atleast 10 ingots which is 100 ores. Here is the trick. normally when u mine ores only one in ur team will do it so u have to dig for a long time if u position ur team mates in such a way two can dig at the same time. i guess this is a game bug bt thnk u bug!!! select a team member (not the main character) separately by taping on the him and place it near the mining area and select the whole group and give the order the nearest member will start mining and also ur main character. its tricky at first bt u have to find it out(NOTE find a location where the there is no enemy trigger points around coz u don’t any distraction while mining the ores). Once u get the ores again rush back and covert it into ingots from the blacksmith. Once u have the ingots save ur game and get into the crafting tab. Why save ur game?? Its for making sure tat u get the preferred item craft sucessfully. But remember! Crafting item have percentage of suceeding. iron plate armor is 20% so u have 80%chance of failing. After saving the game craft the item. If failed load and craft again until it suceeds. Once u craft the iron plate sell the armor at a wooping price of 630 – 650k at the blacksmith shop. At this point gold is of no problem to you. Ur primary goal will be equip ur team with the best gear available to ur level and proceed to the map where u found the knight u recriuted to ur team. Near that castle there is a potion shop and in the shop u will find ring of regeneration costing 90k bt u don’t have a problem. Ring of regeneration will help u a lot. Buy for each of ur team and go through the portal to the map where u can get better armor and weapons. After this playing the game will be less fustrating. Still the game needs to be furnished a little more to be called a proprer RPG. Some basics of an RPG is still missing bt its a good start. Heads off!! to the developer. P.S – to all RPG fans every RPG’s is for u to explore and find out the loop holes which u can use to advantage. Happy playing and i hope my contribution helps. Thank you!!!!

  6. Yeah, after Mateusz tip about dex I started focusing on increasing dex, made a HUGE difference – I had no idea! That definitely needs to be adjusted to make half the difference the gap between monster and character dex does now. It would make monsters more accessible, and high dex characters less invincible.

    The idea of changing the scale of XP came from Guildwars 2 (I’m on the beta). Their philosophy is to have the first few levels quick to attain but slowing down until about level 8, then it is almost flat; 90 minutes per level approximately from then on. The trick is to make the XP required scale in synch with the amount of XP received from the more difficult challenges and monsters. It feels good, because it removes the grindy feel that happens when time between levels continues to increase. Who wants to spend a month leveling from 79 to 80?

      1. There is a link to a related facebook page in the app in the Credit section and at the bottom of the Load / Run screen. The Wall of that facebook page has a link to the forum.

  7. While I do agree that the exp gained in battle is minimal and armor is insanely expensive, I have not had any of your other issues. I traveled south of the first village and found my archer ally, then did a little spider grinding, got my first set of armor for them both, and made my way to Ashdown to deliver the letter. There, I picked up my Axeman and proceeded to farm the orcs at the mine until I had acquired enough gold to buy my Knight’s services. Once I had my party of for, and the orcs were dead, however, I lousy all direction and decided to wander about gathering gold and seeking my good fortune. This led me to what appeared to be a mage’s home/shop, leading me to believe a mage character was in my near future, but since I found nothing, I took the portal, and ended up in a fantastic little village with some epic armors and weapons. Currently, I am frollicking across the land seeking direction and saving for all the highest armors and weapons, not sure if I’ve completed all there is or if I’m just blind and missed a quest. Great game, just needs more direction, more quests, and a rebalancing of exp gain and shop prices. Hoping and praying for an update *wink wink hint hint* so that I can get started on my next quest.

  8. Check out version 1.25. Units leveling is now two times easier! There are also more changes and new features. Please post questions and suggestions to the new game forum:
    Thanks for your feedback. The game is still under development and I am trying to improve game at earh release.

    1. If you follow the dirt road next to the knights castle and go behind the shop there is a teleporter to the top of the map

  9. Running the game on a small screen causes a few additional problems. Here are my comments and suggestions to improve the gameplay experience.

    (1) Trying to find ANYTHING on a small screen is nearly impossible – you cannot zoom out, and the screen area is so few squares that you easily miss stuff. It took several minutes re-loading at one end of the min section to avoid the goblins long enough to get underground, as the end of the mine is not actually on the “local” map.

    (2) Icons – in landscape mode, the Quest/Journal icon is RIGHT where I want to click to go to the right onto the next screen. Also, when grinding to level up, there is so much junk that the dropped items overflows and covers the actual playing area. Please remember us small screen players

    (3) Inability to travel diagonally is a pain.

    (4) Mark quest locations on the map as they are given, please.

    (5) Collectable weapon/armour sets as random loot drops from tougher enemy npcs.

    (6) Some way of getting hints about quests – an in with rumours at each village maybe.

  10. ok well, been playing the game for a few days now, few suggestions here so

    1- lower exp to lvl! takes way to long to get you characters to go up
    2- new equipment for characters and a store guide, i have 5 characters in my party all but the mage and i cant find the mage but i would like some items that would actually be usefull to stronger foes
    3- more foes to fight, dungeons ect. not much to explore without death, quest are hard to find even harder to finish,

  11. Does anyone knows how to get a zender fish for the king’s cook? I’ve got the brown fox’s meat but I can’t find any zender fish yet

  12. I’ve only been playing for a few days, and the only thing I’ve managed to do is get the Queen killed repeatedly. I can’t find the King, nor the second village with the gravedigger. I get swarmed and killed by gangs of thugs or whatever.

  13. Still can’t find zender fish. Never located an archer. Have a party of four,all level 7. Decided not to take on the mage since other posters said he was useless…

    1. I found out the mage is actually very usefull, specialy heling all your party quickly .and of course causing some damage.

  14. You have got it all wrong…
    The fangs are from the first quest you need to collect
    10 then talk with the lumberjack and get some exp
    Then hes giving you a book he want you to deliver to the grave digger, you talk with the grave digger you get some experience and he’s giving you another quest kill 10wasps and collect there stings .
    After you complete the quest he’s telling you to go to the first (south) and talking with a Bowman and he will join you.
    Afterwards your running like crazy to the second town and get the orc guy then go back to the first town and loot the dungeon then go east and take the woman go back west and go north until you almost get to the next area then go east until you see a castle search the king and give him he’s wife .
    You will level up greatly then go east and take the ooger (near the bridge) then get to the orcs mine and farm at level 5 farm the dragons/knights and then search for quest (made problem) if you don’t find the make just buy the blue Knight.

    1. If you notice WHEN I originally posted this, it was waaaaaaaaay before the fangs had any use at all. You’re lucky you never had to endure that version of Forgotten Tales. I’d imagine it’s not a whole lot better now though.

  15. guys please where is the zender fish,lizard’s egg and the blue bracelet?gracias

    1. You get Zander fish by talking to the guy fishing in the small pit located east of where you find the mercenary (east of the tower, south of the river).

      If you don’t know where I’m talking about, it’s the map square south of the one with the island on it (square 1 from West, 3 from North on the 5×4 main map that opens when you click the mini map)

    2. The “giant” lizards that drops eggs are located in the North-Eastern part of the map square with the island (square 1 from West, 2 from North on the 5×4 main map that opens when you click the mini map).

    3. I don’t remember which does what, but one of the bracelets drop from the ogres in the dungeon, the other can be found in a treasure chest within the same dungeon.

      The ogre dungeon has two entrances which are both located in the northern part of the map square where you got the quest in the first place (square 2 from West, 4 from North on the 5×4 main map that opens when you click the mini map).

  16. easy game. all 4 of my party members are level 9.. my only gripe is i dont know where i need to be. i got as far as the pyramid, with full conquistador armor all round.. crossbow and two swords, battleaxe.. but i cant find the key for the pyramid l2. just need better direction to the game, eg a map marker or something… but then.. id have it beat by now. i do have some 1.2 million gold, and you dont need to grind like crazy if you know what youre doing. (go play d2)
    great game, i look forward to more map!

    1. Get a key for the pyramid by killing the mushroom head guys se of the pyramid map.

  17. my party is in level 7 but it got me bored coz its so hard to train for the next level,and im still wonderin where can i find the character that uses club weapon,it could really be handy to me on my training,i think this game sucks but im still wonderin why im still playin this lol.,

    1. Theres an ogre after u have done the queen quest . find him around the rocks near a river it should be in the next screen or the one after that one to the right

  18. you need a way to sell all the drops you get before you even “grind” in the skeleton dungeon – otherwise its really a major waste of time and space – – having to stop and “trash” all the drops

  19. Tip (I play the MMO version so I’m not sure if this works for the RPG version):
    Choose mage (optional but easier)
    Level up a bit.
    Get the quest from the kid who needs the stolen sword.
    Go kill pirates.
    Get stolen swords.
    Sell the swords for 70-80 gold at the shops depending on which shops you go to.
    Lots of money and xp.

  20. There is 5 characters u can use at place i found for levelling up was west over bridge of first town to area to left then go up to ladder in ground.around there knights drop armour worth $4000 to sell.down ladder ghosts give 120 exp

  21. I Like the Game iTs Way addictive and I spend like 4-5 hours non stop playing , but I didnt find the archer yet and I didnt had money for the knight the first time I talked to him and I accumulated 1K went back but hes gone , I didnt see any magic yet Im thinking of starting all over again and not go see the knight till I have 1000 gold , Im so confused about some quest also

  22. Please, can anyone give exact answer, is mage able to shhot with his wand (noy using spells) in 1player rpg?

    1. I finnaly found the mage , and beside the one skill he flames enemy when you press the skill but I didnt find a auto attack kind of thing like the other character so Im not sure its worth it if he cant do a lil bit on is own , I have the 2.24 version

  23. I got the mage and wanted t obuy back the blue knight. Even I have like 18k gold, the only answer suggested for him offering his service for 1k gold is that I do not have that kind of money ……. is ter any trick or is it a bug??

    1. Its a bug you cant l have tried and tried but you cant have the magemand blue knight .once you do the mages quest (with or without the knight) and hire him the knight says he l leave unless any one knows how to get both I just dont think you can ever have that knight petan … :/

      1. Same problem here…Anyone have the mage and knight?.If not, which is the best in your group?

        1. Mage is most powerful character in the game. When he reach lvl 20, he hits 200*10=2000. (You need green scroll)

  24. LOL, I’ve killed alot of red dragons and get 1200exp per dragon. they drop conquistador helm and a high level club. I’ve gotten my group to levels 14, and 15. The regular drags, amazons, lizardmen and a little easier. I need some help with some of the unexplored areas….running out of quests, still nervous on doing the siege quest.

    1. And most of my group is close to 40 on strength and shielding but still around 9,10, 11 on dexterity (should I raise that?) my mage has over 40 mana.

  25. OK wow! Many ppl can’t find key… It’s a drop from mushroom men. In th forest NE of stone circle mapblock. Also shortly S from that forest is man who needs the mushroom plants within forest.

  26. i had the mage with me but as he was so weak i left him at the start of the ghost dungeon to go get the two shields but when i left hed vanished how do i get him bck or where is he now as ive allready looked where he first appeared ???

  27. Funny I played this games. For 4 or 5 hours and was lvl 11 w/ 300k_try talking to people next time – this game is a lot of fun for the old school gamer or those that are interested in these types of games _ its not wow

  28. i killed vampires and get blood finally. the vampires are the 3 that attack near the castle after the desert, in the ruins near the river. but be careful : i have all characters at level 50 , proper weapons and sack full of mana and potion, and i just won and get the blood.

  29. I cannot complete the quest of finding the “magical item” at the crypt for the guy standing near the prymaid. Where is the crypt?

  30. Also, I am suppose to “go to the library to learn more about my past…” I went to the library, I found the 3rd book, (got all three books) and gave to an old man and got a sword.
    I went to the library again and I am sure I have got all the treasures, Meanwhile there is an old man holding a scoll in the library but I cannot talk to him, is this a bug? Is he supposed to tell me my past?

    The version I am playing is ver. 3.4 offline version.

    For now I am at level 18, completed most quest except for:-
    1. Finding the magical item at the crypt for the prymaid guy (donno where or which crypt…);
    2. Finding vampire’s blood to save the kid who ate mushroom; (heard that must be at least level 50 to changelle the vampires)
    3. Go to the library to learn my past. (Went there but found nothing…)
    4. Get my memory back (perhaps this is the last, grand finale mission?)

    Instruction needed. Tons of Thanks.

    1. hi, if i understand u r looking for the crypt of piramyd: is the door at the end , to open it u need the golden key, un can get it killing the mummies until u find the one that have it. About the vampire blood i confirm , vampires are really hard to kill and come in increasing number. In the library u won’t learn anything, u could talk to the monk only when u get the object of power that dark mages have in the crypt under the castle after the vampires field(u can only use potion and run , that mages are really powerful), and when u go back to the monks, prepare urself for betrayal. To get the memory back i think there will be a lot of upgrades, i found some place where there are weapons that could be used only at level 100. Anyway , i think u still have a lot to discover….

      1. Thanks Daniel for your help, really appreciate it.

        For the crypt in the Pyramaid… well, I have finished the Pyramaid long time ago and entered the crypt before and the treasure box is already emptied. So maybe I accidentally sold that item? I never throw away quest items, or maybe it is a bug? Most likely I found some sort of weapon or armour in the crypt which was weaker than the one I had so I just sold it. The NPC guys sometimes are missing which is kind of annoying. What was the “magical item” anyways? I really have no memory of obtaining that… So I can never complete this quest? Anyway to reset a particular quest?

        For the library, finally I get to talk to the old man (the monk?) holding a scoll (he just randomly pops up somehow…) And now he tells me to get the “Symbol of God” and the “Book of High Priest.” Somehow I already got the “Symbol of God” before I talk to him and now I am looking for the book of high priest.

        Another question. What is the proper balance for Dex in relation to levels? My team is at level 22 now, and our dex. is at the range of 23 to 25. Is this good enought? In general, we have STR of 38-41, DEF of 46-50 (except for the Mage who has a DEF of 30 only with Mana 41), and DEX of 23 to 25. In upcoming levels, which area should I be focusing on? (all stats includes equipment of the best armour and weapons I can buy at the current momment.)

        Please advise.
        Tons of thanks!!

        1. you should focus in their str for damage…and for the melee characters you only need 15 DEX and focus on STR only little ARM is also ok…my build was STR+ always ARM 20 DEX 15…you can buy items that have strong defences and weapons of greater dmg the magician doesnt need DEX i think my magicians DEX was only 7 the first time i get it and i focus in his MANA+ so whenever you cast green flow spell it”ll do great damage and you can cast it many times.i get along with it until now and it do just fine…strong equipments location is near the library their too expensive so you need lots of gold to buy them…i spend mostly 1.5m for all 5 characters(u need to buy the vital bracers 50% hp regeneration will help a lot 90k bracers price)

      2. i play this game with three characters
        main character,axe man and mage.
        now i am lvl 168

  31. How do i complete quest 28, i got the book and spider symbol..
    The mage says go into the dungeon and speak to stranger..but culd not find anything

  32. i found a place where you can grind your character levels experience in a very short time…high exp and very expensive drop item…i’ve been there and my characters are all level 26 now and still getting high exp point in a very short time!though you need your magician there only the magician can do damage to those damned!they where so tough.,only magic can kill them fast…i mean you should kill them faster or they will mob you to death!the map location is next to the bad mushroom quest…go “RIGHT” where you can find the yellow archers…be aware of those archers specially those with helmet like the archer in your party…they give 9000 exp points and drops fire bow that costs 31k if you sell it in the npc.,well thats all i can tell good luck and enjoy playing.(you need atleast level 15,.and you need the green flow spell of the magician to do the trick…)also in the upper part of the map where you can find those archer…but beware they spawn so fast every time you move.

    1. Hey guys please tell me where we can find archer? But now I am at level 61. I think i don’t need him now. But i have 4 characters. I need to bring a book from maze tower to creepy like creature. But white archer is very powerful villain. Can you tell me please where can we find wooden plank?

  33. All quests are solved in rpg version. Now we need new quests, maps, shops, characters etc. in rpg version.

  34. Ok with regards to dex… I’ve seen posts that say you csn stop adding at 15, and ice seen other posts that say always add to dex no matter what. Has this balance been adjusted? Should I stop adding to dex? I’m cureentry at 20 and I’m noticing I still miss a lot against higher level enemies. Or maybe I’m just doing insignificant damage? Gray dragons for example I can defeat but watching the health meter it appears that I am missing at least 50% of the time so I’m not sure if I should keep stacking my dex or not.. any help is appreciated.

    1. my characters’ dex are all above 30, so attacking those lower leveled monsters are very easy, the war dogs (or the dogs colored black) are like 6 or 7 attacks of my archer, also they are all level 46,

  35. I’ve been playing for about a week and all my characters are over level 20… I guess most of the people who need help just suck at RPGs. I love this game.

  36. How to cut trees to get some planks??? And what kind of tree that I needed to cut?? Thanks..

  37. could you plese tell me where the war dog head is & the 3 fire bows are?

      1. i found the war dog but not the archer
        also i have a update that you could make to the game
        tap on the player and move him where you want

  38. Where is the library, I’ve been all over and can’t find it, I can’t even find the city it is in.

  39. is the only way to get the archer before you get the blue knight/ puple guy.????

  40. I cannot find the stolen sack,I’ve killed like a hundrend bandits,is it in the same screen ?where the horse and carriage is?THanks

    1. u need the sack?, kill those archers with steel caps, those who attack fast, they will drop the sack,

  41. do u guys want to earn money very fast?, 🙂 i have a small trick to earn money up to 2000+m

  42. I have an amazon in my party,now I have 6 but I cannot equip her and she is not upgrading her level,I though that she would leave in the amazon village,like a quest, but the amazons attack me and nothing else happends.Is she gonna stay in my quest forever?

  43. Wish you could use your offline charecter to go online as i have a level 1000+ offline charecter and had to start a new charecter for online play which is level 17 so wish there was a way to play online and offline using the same character.

  44. Obviously you are not very good at looking at directions as well as you ignore a ton of the things you should do, first of all those “useless fangs” you’ve been collecting wouldn’t be there if you took the proper order of things of defeating 5 wolves and taking their fangs to the Forrester for exp. And a second quest to the beekeeper for delivering a package for exp. And to kill bees, there in you go south and find an archer companion to help you hunt spiders which drop gold exp. And equipment for you to run past the band its deliver the package before fighting bandits then orcs then pirates then upgraded bandits then small dragons.

    1. And you’re obviously not good at figuring out that this post was written several years ago when the game was pretty much a broken piece of shit. Those fangs COULD NOT be given to ANYONE in the version I was playing.

  45. Youre just a whiney baby if u cant hanxle the heat get out the game it was meant to b hard who likes everytbing given to them not me great game 1 billipn stars out of 5 iz my rating whoop whoop wicked clown love

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