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Top 20 search terms so far today & The Tonberry!

Search Views
graviton core zeta 63
paradox agent type c 54
graviton core eta 31
captain cryptic locations 23
5 red cactus archylte steppe 18
oerba 400af 18
find paradox agent type c 15
paradox agent type a 14
ffxiii-2 slot machine 13
oerba 400 af 12
adventure dungeon village android kairosoft download 12
oerba 400 10
captain cryptic 10
epic astro story guide 9
archylte steppe ffxiii-2 9
sunleth waterscape 400 af 8
ffxiii-2 archylte steppe 8
ff13-2 captain cryptic 7
ff13-2 tonberry 7
ffxiii-2 tonberry 7

Hmm. Still so many folks looking to pirate Adventure Dungeon Village. I wonder if they realize it hasn’t been localized yet? I suppose I should just assume they don’t care that it’s in Japanese.  Well, have you tried the Lite version yet!?

Now, onto the other search terms!

Most of the answers can be found in various posts! The Graviton Core ones, along with the location of Paradox Agent Type C, are found as screenshots at the bottom of this post: (No spoilers.)

Captain Cryptic locations As for the answers to his question, you’re probably better off getting the guidebook or you can thank this kind soul for taking the time to type up all questions and answers, including the ones from the Brain Blast terminals.  Of course, if you’re playing on the PS3, the buttons shown in the posts will be different. :E  But really, the official guide is quite good and comprehensive!

Green Cactuar & Red + Yellow Cactuar statue locations

Uh … the searches for slot machine? Are people looking for cheats cuz there aren’t any!  But I did write about it here: I should change the title of that post. XD

Oh, and what’s with the searches for Oerba 400 AF? If it’s about HOW to get there, check

Quite curious what people are trying to find out when they’re searching for “FFXIII-2 tonberry“. If it’s for its location, he just kind of randomly appears in Bresha Ruins 300 AF in a distortion field. When I first encountered it, it was by the steps by the walled-off grassy area near the location where Noel and Serah first gate in. (Heh. Stargate terminology kicking in. XD)

Once I got the Battlemania fragment and ran around to other places in the ruins, it started appearing all over including the tunnels. .__.;;

If people are trying to find tips on how to beat the little green monster, it’s highly recommended that you have a Sentinel (ideally with high HP) in at least one of your paradigms. I would say to forget about attempting to stagger it since its resistance is fairly high and you need to reach 666%. It’s also resistant to every debuff except Wound (and Death and Debrave and Defaith but you don’t have to care about those) so a Saboteur is not needed. The best thing to do, really, is to hit it hard and fast.

As it halves physical and magical damage, you’d want to buff your characters and fuse any offensive monsters you’ll be bringing into the fight with abilities that strengthen their attacks and, most importantly, ignores its resistances (like Armor Breaker).

Basically, it’s ideal that you have Synergists, Medics, Sentinels, and ye olde Commandos and Ravagers in your paradigms. Combat Clinic (MED MED SEN) is a fantastic paradigm to have.

The Medics are important since the Tonberry will deal progressively stronger attacks as the battle goes on so you need to keep everyone healthy. (Pay attention to the little messages that pop up above its head. They’re indications that it’s moving onto a beefier attack.) I typically ignore the poison since the HP of most of my characters and monsters are over 5000.  Once it starts going into the yellow, that’s when I start to worry.  Of course, if your party members have substantially less HP then use Esuna, Remedy, or Antidote as necessary but you may want to consider having at least one person or your creature ally still dishing out damage along the way since lengthy recovery breaks will work against you.

For what it’s worth, the guidebook doesn’t suggest any poison resistance accessories. I take it that they’re useless against the Tonberry anyway? I just have random accessories that I used for other fights most of the time. XD (Too lazy to switch them out.) My Serah is permanently using the Impeder’s Opal — even when her SAB role isn’t needed — and Durable Grimoire’s Hat. ^^;  But, you may want to invest in some accessories that increase the amount of physical damage Noel and Serah can take.  Or, if you can and want to risk it, you may opt to up their strength and magic power instead.

Anyway, once it starts coming after you with Rancor Knife, shift into Combat Clinic to raise and heal any fallen members. It’s IMPERATIVE you do this unless the Tonberry only has a few specs of HP left and can be finished off with a few hits.  Otherwise, you want all three to be alive.

Rancor Knife will go on for a few rounds so make sure you have Raise or a good quantity of Phoenix Downs handy.  However, once new messages start appearing above the enemy’s head, you might as well just pause the fight and select Retry because at that point, it’ll be gearing up for Ultimate Grudge.  This attack will annihilate the entire party without fail as its damage will always be 66,666 HP.  It kind of sucks that once it joins you, this attack will not do this much damage to enemies.

Well, certainly, if you figure you can finish off the Tonberry before it activates the special move, then go for it. ^^

Incidentally, since distortions are stationary, you can always manage to get in a pre-emptive attack.  It’ll probably be a good idea to use the time to throw on a bunch of buffs.

If you have any other tips, please feel free to post a comment! 😀

Edit on Feb 19: Here’s a recording I did today~! (Don’t look at the text in the vid. It’s hella blurry.) Took out the Tonberry in under 2 minutes. :3 And yeah, I don’t take my own advice above since I was trying to do something different like what would happen if I fought it aggressively.  I’m usually much more reserved and spend more time healing. ^^  Turns out I don’t need to! (Please note that my characters are maxed out.  Yakshini and my Tonberry are also maxed. ^^ More information about the party and setup can be found in the video description on YouTube.)

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