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FFXIII: Post-ending fun & Chocolog #2

Aw man, you can miss Twilight Odin? D:  I was looking through the list of enemies in the guidebook today and it stated that Twilight Odin had a 100% drop rate.

Well, I never got him even though I completed the sidequest. Closing the gates to either Vile Peaks eras does squat too. 😦  (And considering that the questing was complete, I didn’t expect him to show up agai but I thought it was worth a shot. Oh well. I’d probably rage in getting the materials to level him anyway. :3

Since I couldn’t get Twilight Odin, I just went around to get the remaining chocobo that I didn’t tame yet. 😀  The process went rather quickly for the most part.  It did take a while to locate the Green Chocobo.  While you can get it at Yaschas Massif 110 AF, I opted for 100 AF since its location is listed as that in its Bestiary information page.  You can find this creature in the western area with the 2 depressions in the ground.  I encountered it rather frequently when I was hanging around the south part in between the two holes.

I’m pretty certain turning on the Battlemania skill will prevent it from appearing so don’t do it. In fact, I think most or all chocobos tend to not spawn if that skill is active.

I also had to hunt down the Black Chocobo in Vile Peaks 010 AF. This one tends to hang around the tunnel near Another Man’s Treasure.

Finally, there was the Purple Chocobo in Bresha Ruins 300 AF.  I found it inside the tunnel closest to the wide area to the south with pillars and a mutant chocobo.

Now, I have every chocobo! :3

I also spent some time trying to get a Metal Gigantuar. I ended up obtaining many Hermes Sandals in the process but no monster crystal. >_>

Oh yeah, I threw Mog all over the place in YM 100 AF and BR 300 AF and managed to get 3 new adornments. ^^ It’s really a lot more fun to do the Moogle Throw with the Mobile Mog skill enabled.

In regards to chocobo racing, I lost 1 race. 😦  The final results of my Silver Chocobo’s career was something like 31-0-1-0. I did manage to get the Fortitude title before I retired it. Strange. I could have sworn I got it before (as indicated in the Chocolog #1 post) but I didn’t! ^^

Now I get to register it again for some more racing fun! I think I might try for the Grade-Getter title this time around.  I want that Tonberry figurine. XD

Random asides:

  • Noel doesn’t seem as muscular (or his muscles aren’t as defined) in FMV renders. Odd.
  • Hope’s eyes are weird in the ending FMV. @_@; It’s almost like he’s wearing a bit of mascara! Although I think it may just be the shape of his eyes.

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