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FFXIII-2: Post-ending fun

Got all the Paradox Endings now.  I think the best one is the one from Academia 4XX AF.

Random thought: I really do believe Yeul has some sort of walking deficiency; it’s not that she’s animated funny or anything. 😦  She kind of tries to run in one of the endings and it comes off as looking kind of silly. I felt bad for laughing though because I thought about how people in real life actually have this handicap too. ^^; I wonder if this is explained in the Ultimania or some other Japanese source?

Anyway, I’ve been spending part of the day beating up rare enemies. I fought the Tonberry seven times and it never once dropped its damn crystal. I have the Monster Collector Fragment Skill enabled and even threw in the Blue Chocobo that had the Item Collector ability. >:E I eventually gave up and ended up going to fight Raspatil instead.  The battle wasn’t as dreadful as the guidebook described!  I think I 5-starred the thing too. ^^

I moved onto Don Tonberry after that fight. Surprisingly, this one only took 3 tries before it dropped a crystal. I started having a little fun with the little monster too! XD

So now, I have most of the Gold trophies. :3  I think I’m out by 2 or 3 though.  Off the top of my head, I know that one requires dealing 99,999 damage and another is getting all 160 fragments.

FFXIII-2: Some gold trophies
FFXIII-2: Some gold trophies

Honestly, if I got the Brain Blast and the stupid slot machine fragments, I’d be up to 159. The only one I’d be missing is the monster collecting one. Not entirely sure I’m up to completing any of these. :/ But I kind of want so since if I do, this would mark the first time I got Platinum for any PS3 game. ^^ Well, I still have some other bronze trophies to get too like the chocobo steps one.

FFXIII-2: Current amount of fragments collected
FFXIII-2: Current amount of fragments collected

Sigh. I still want a cactuar and a tonberry. :/ I only have the cactuar variants obtained from hurling Mog everywhere. And the regular tonberry isn’t as creepy looking as Don. 😛

Update on Feb 15:

  • Got the Clock Stopper trophy. Finally. Had to reload twice since I managed to break the chain. Thank God I was saving frequently between fights. :3
  • I have 4 more monsters left to complete the Monster Professor sidequest. I REALLY wish I didn’t skip that rare one in the last dungeon. Sigh. Go me and my insistence of getting 100% map completion over everything else. 😛 Finally finished it! XD

Just have the stupid slot machine fragment to get. Yay. .__.

159 Fragments
159 Fragments

Update #2: I magically got the Giant’s Fist trophy! I took the guidebook’s advice and threw 4 Delicate Iron Bangles on Noel to get the HP Power Surge ability but I had him equipped with Odinblade instead. With 159 fragments, the boost to stats wasn’t bad at all! Since I didn’t bother creating/purchasing the post-game weapons, this was the only one that was strong enough for the task! Well, I did the whole Meteor Javelin after switching Noel to commando thing when Long Gui was recovering from its first stagger but I think I messed up the timing. 😦

The silly thing is that the trophy notification came when it was down a second time. The party was in a RAV SAB SYN formation with Noel as Ravager, Serah as Saboteur and a Yakshini as a Synergist. ^^; I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since a debuffed and staggered Long Gui being hit with a weapon that’s enchanted with Enthunder should deal heavy damage to it.

Obtained Giant's Fist :D
Obtained Giant's Fist 😀

I’m going for Saddle Sore right now and have the left analog stick of the controller up against the guidebook while I do other things. XD

2 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: Post-ending fun

  1. Amazing! I only have 15 hours into the game, and i’m having a lot of fun. It’s nice to see someone else who is enjoying the game as much as I. I hope to get all the trophies too, though it seems that some of them are really hard to get.

    1. None of them are really difficult if you have a strong party with good paradigms to use again the specific opponent. Of course, I took on just about all those tough enemies when Noel and Serah were pretty much maxed out on every role. XD

      I just wish lame stuff like getting 10,000 Casino Coins from the slot machine wasn’t one of the trophies.

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