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FFXIII-2: Almost at the end!

Whew! I already pumped in over 50 hours into the game. Unlike players that ignore sidequests just to complete the story, I’m running around doing as many of them as I can. The reason for this is that I typically lose motivation to continue playing once I’m done with a game’s main plot.

Within these 50+ hours, I’ve managed to rack up 130 fragments. If I care to find Captain Cryptic, I’ll have a few more under my belt before the final showdown. I’m not sure I have to patience to run around Academia to search out the bastard though. Completing the Academia map will also net me another fragment too. And I can probably get 4 more from The Archlyte Steppe as well if I wanted to fight the tough boss monsters. :3

I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to test my party against them seeing that every role is over 70 now.  I managed to max out Commando and Ravager for Noel too.

About the story and the villain’s motive — what the hell? It’s such a lame reason. I think I prefer FFXIII’s story a bit more over its sequel.  Also, I’m not quite sure how Noel’s dream qualifies as a happy dream for him cuz it’s pretty depressing overall. 😛

Anyway, here are some random screenshots to round out this entry. XD  When viewing an image, click on the Permalink icon to see a description of it.

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