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FFXIII-2: About getting 100% on the maps for Oerba 200 AF & Academia 400 AF

You can ONLY complete either map once you progress the story; that is, it’s not possible to achieve 100% when you first arrive at those places.

Like the other ages of the Bresha Ruins, you will get access to different eras of Oerba and Academia throughout the timeline.  Both areas have eras that are integral to the main storyline so there’s no way you can miss out on completing the maps.  I got 100% on both in Episode 4 but I think — not entirely certain due to my crappy memory — it might be possible to finish all eras of Oerba in Episode 3; it just depends on whether or not you have enough Wild Artefacts and patience to go through all the Temporal Rift puzzles. XD

Edit on February 10th: Additional info about the Academia map — the 100% WILL NOT count against the Paradox Professor sidequest until you fully explore the map in the 500 AF era. 9_9

I’m currently in the last era of Oerba and I have 7 more puzzles to suffer through.  I really don’t know who at Square Enix thought it was a good idea to include all the damnable clock puzzles. I’ve taken to solving them on paper first since, given the fact that a lot of them are randomized (not sure if they are ALL random as some of them don’t have timers), I can’t afford to make mistakes.  So yeah, if you’re looking for solutions for the puzzles on YouTube or something, keep in mind that whatever the player has in his or her video is most likely not the same as yours. :/

Actually, the connect-the-crystal ones are becoming a pain as well as there are several of them that have gaps between tiles. =__=  I usually lose time in the beginning because I have to move the camera around to spot the ones with the identical colours.  What I’ve started doing is just selecting the closest crystal and dragging the line to one of the ones that have a matching colour.  That way, the damn crystals won’t change places on me before I get there.

Ah, back to the clock puzzles! The logic behind them is simple. The problem is figuring out the starting number. I find that it’s easier to weed out the number to being with in the puzzles that contain 9 or more numbers because there will usually be an odd one out; that is, a number that either no other numbers can reach or only one other number can.

Solving clock puzzles on paper :3
Solving clock puzzles on paper :3

Don’t mind my ugly scribbles.  I don’t have the best handwriting in the world. XD  Anyway,  an explanation of all the numbers in pencil: The outer numbers indicate where the numbers will land. The first x = x is counter-clockwise movement.  The second x = x is clockwise.  Actually, now that I look at it again, it’s done in a way that only makes sense to me. XD Regardless, jotting down where each number ended up is what I wrote down. 😛 Interior numbers represent the order the numbers should touched.

Again, these are puzzles *I* encountered.  There’s a very good chance you will never see any of the layouts shown above. :\

Many times, it takes me a few tries to figure one out … which is why I have the order written in pencil. I got a handy eraser right next to me in case I have to redo things. 😀 The only ones I never have to write down at the ones that have about six numbers and have 1, 2, and 3 as face numbers.  The highest face number I’ve ever seen so far is 6.

I wonder if there’s anyone out there that can solve these fairly quickly?

Edit: Derp. The starting number in the second puzzle should have been 2 on the top right which leads to 5. >_>;

5 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: About getting 100% on the maps for Oerba 200 AF & Academia 400 AF

    1. Pretty cool but not entirely useful until you can input each number manually. Hope it’s a work in progress that will build up to that!

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