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More FFXIII-2 babbles~ (minor spoilers)

Currently on Chapter 4 looking for the Graviton Cores (see YouTube video here — not made by me — for all the locations ) but here are some random thoughts up to this point:

  • Some of the stupid answers can be fun to select just to hear the replies/reactions. ^O^  I love the  one at the Bresha Ruins 5 AF when Serah’s pondering about something that shouldn’t exist in that time and place.  I chose “Mog!?” as my answer when visiting again after a time reversal.  Noel’s answer was “Your thought process shouldn’t exist.” ^O^;;
  • I wonder if the game remembers what you chose or this only happens if you follow the “same train of thought” but in Augusta Tower 200 AF, when Noel and Serah wonder who was pulling the strings, one of the answers was “Someone unexpected!”.  Turns out Serah was trying to say it was Mog again. ^O^ I love Noel’s reaction. ^-^;  It’s just so horrible that you can make Serah so ditzy if you want. I’m not sure Noel’s answers are ever as ridiculous.  For the record, I’m choosing all the logical choices first and only opt for the stupid ones after a re-visit via time reversal.However, I must say that the boss battle in Augusta 200 AF threw me for a loop.  Took me 3 tries to get the correct answer since that one was kind of a strange option. ^^
  • I LOATHE Academia 400 AF.  In fact, I just loathe the layout to Academia in general. It’s really terrible to navigate when you’re force to fight every battle. It’s a shame that girl that asks for the 100% maps doesn’t appear again in the alternate time. .___.  But then, why would she if the hacking/paradox is resolved? Ergh. I still have to find the stupid blue gate in 400 AF.  This will be fun … although I suppose I could just wait until the guidebook arrives so I can just use the map.  Of course, that’s assuming the author marks the location and that it’s correct. 😛
  • I also hate the clock puzzle in Yaschas Massif 110 AF. I got up to Stage 3 and then got stuck trying to solve it. I wish the puzzles weren’t random. I wonder if these are the only random puzzles in the game? :V
  • I got up x100 Victory Mode in the slot machines but the stupid thing wouldn’t give me a jackpot even when I was down to like 1900 coins.  I think I got there from 3500 or so. >:/ Typically, when it comes to trading in coins and such for gifts, I tend to use the method of buying the currency with gil and then getting the stuff that way.  The problem is 10 gil = 1 Casino Coin.  I’m usually hovering around the 20,000 gil mark (since I spend money to buy greens and adornments and other silly things now and then).  I need to find a way to get over 100,000 gil. :\  Well, I did have 99 Tears of Remorse thanks to running around in Academia 400 AF but those things don’t sell for all that much. 😐  Why can’t the Cie’th there drop Perfumes? XD
  • Chocolina needs to die.
  • Mog Throw can be hilarious at times. I love watching him bounce all over the place or just hurl him into a chasm. XD
  • Random screenshots. (Please don’t ask me for all the locations. I think there’s a YouTube video for it so check that instead. ^^)  And the quality is kind of crap because I’m screencapping via S-Video and not HD.  Oh, there’s not an actual chocobo at this particular spot; I rode one here. XD
Wild Artefact in Oerba 200 AF
Wild Artefact in Oerba 200 AF
Academia 400 AF -- Gate to Yaschas Massif 100 AF
Academia 400 AF -- Gate to Yaschas Massif 100 AF. Required for Graviton Core Epsilon. A Wild Artefact is needed for this gate so make sure you have at least one available.

Edit: More screencaps! XD

Wild Artefact in Archylte Steppe ??? AF
Wild Artefact in Archylte Steppe ??? AF - Located near the edge of the western part of the map. I got there by using the yellow cactuar statue (found in a tornado during windy/cloudy weather)
Graviton Core Epsilon - Yaschas Massif 100 AF
Graviton Core Epsilon - Yaschas Massif 100 AF. You can access to this era via a blue/crystal gate in New Town from Academia 400 AF which is on the west side of the map.
Emerald Crystal - Yaschas Massif 01XF
Emerald Crystal - Yaschas Massif 01XF. One of the 3 crystals needed for the guy looking for the 3 fallen stars. Get them all to collect the Mirror of Atropos fragment.
Outdoor Watch - Yaschas Massif 110 F
Outdoor Watch - Yaschas Massif 110 F. Retrieve this for Shannon from Yaschas Massif 10 AF for the Innocence's Sacred Sphere fragment.
Fragments so far
Fragments so far. Totally NOT going for all 160. I did manage to get all 10 Crimson Memories ones though. Had to suffer immensely through stage 3 of the clock puzzles for them. Ugh. Yeah, the third stage was always the one that gave me problems.

Edit: Another screencap! :3

Graviton Core Zeta - Oerba 400 AF
Graviton Core Zeta - Oerba 400 AF

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