Taiko no Tatsujin

Taiko no Tatsujin Arcade Replica Progress!

This is what it looked like a few hours ago. :3  (I had the screen portion and the drums put together.  In this photo, I was piecing together the top part.) Excuse the quality of the photos. I used the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to take them and the thing is horrible for indoor shots. .___.;

Taiko arcade in pieces!
Taiko arcade in pieces!

A while later, I managed to get it to this stage:

Almost done~!
Almost done~!

It’s barebones right now. :3 The next step is to place the stickers on. There’s also some painting that needs to be done but I’ll skip it since there’s no sense in me buying paints just for this one model.

… Aw crap. Just noticed something missing which explains the excess parts. XD

Overall, it was a fairly painless process. The pieces were all snap-together so no glue was needed. However, there were 4 tiny areas that required a drill. I managed to improvise with a small flathead screwdriver. XD I’m not quite sure why the company that designed this couldn’t have just had the holes to begin with.

The instructions were fairly easy to understand. However, I didn’t really like the fact that, for the directions that indicated that several sections had to be put together, there were no clear steps as to what should be put together first. I had to fiddle around with every part until all the pieces fit properly.

Another dislike is the fact that the interchangeable screen images don’t have perforated lines; you have to use an exacto knife or some other tool to cut them out. I am absolutely terrible at cutting in a straight line so this should be interesting. 😛

I’ll post a pic once everything’s done.

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