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Mega Mall Story Random Screenshots & Thoughts: Android Version!

I bought Mega Mall Story. Again. But this time, it was from the Android Market for my Galaxy Tab 10.1.  I’m so glad to see pinching/multi-touch/zooming is stable this time around! I really hope that this means that Kairosoft will be going back and fixing the force close problem their other games and that it’s not some one-time deal.

I’m taking it slow and trying a different way of playing.  This actually marks my third playthrough, I think.  (I had one game in each save slot on iOS. :3)

I’m having trouble getting hearts though. I hired some guy that upped the quality of Food stores and had +30 for Attention and Service for my floors 1 – 4.  Given that the majority of stores are food-related, I think it was the natural choice.  I just wish he’d chase after customers and bow at them so that they could spew out hearts.  Ah well.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten 1 million in capital so early in the game before.  Shoving the Supermarket onto1F seemed like a good investment since it has more stock quantity than the smaller stores.  This means that more people will be able to buy more before the store runs out.

Anyway, random screens! (The graphics are no frills since I have to leave the Priority setting as Performance.  If I choose Graphics, the game will run at like 5 frames per second or something.)

Everyone loves the Rest Area
Everyone loves the Rest Area
Lazy Kairosoft.  Leaving a line untranslated.
Lazy Kairosoft. Leaving a line untranslated. >_>

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