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Epic Astro Story data lists

Edit on Oct 31, 2012: This information is no longer available at Kairospot. However, there is a work in progress over at AdeptGamer. We welcome any additional information you can provide.


I managed to get all the info that the Japanese wiki didn’t have available like the tech names, products, materials, skills, etc.! There are even maps that pinpoint all the cave and chasm locations as well as where you can find all the alien representatives! Come check it out at (Link is defunct now. Don’t bother.)

Unfortunately, you’ll need to register before you can have access to this section. We (the Kairospot community) have been hit by certain passerbys that steal information. :/ Although registering isn’t going to prevent thieving by any means, it’ll at least cut down the chances.

I also won’t post them here at my blog since I made the lists (which are graphics) especially for Kairospot.

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