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DownloadAtoZ are a bunch of thieves

This is a mirror of a post I made at Kairospot.

I know that, by posting this, it’ll promote their site but people have to know about their work ethics.

Basically, the tutorial/guides section for their games are simply compilations of works they have stolen from various sources. All the Mega Mall Story, Oh! Edo Towns, and Venture Towns information they have on their site has been either taken from posts made at this forum or from the Google Docs spreadsheets.

They also have a habit of creating Facebook pages for the titles and posting links to various topics related to them.

Considering they’re a free site with ads all over the place, it’s obvious they do this to lure traffic to them so they can make money.

If you have ever written guide/walkhrough-like material on other forums, Wikia, or just anywhere on the Net, please take a look and see if the game you provided information for is there.

I am all for sharing but it simply drives me up the wall when people do not credit their sources. I’ve got them to put up some “Related sources” link on some of the VT pages but I still have to work on getting them to do it for OET.

Technically, “Related sources” is wrong. Let me see if I can get them to change that too.

Ideally, I’d like a deadbeat site like this to be taken down, or at least for them to get rid of their guides and shit. It’s a wonder why it’s so damn hard for their editors to acknowledge where they got their information from.

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