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iLuv Folio Jacket for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (iSS910BLK)

I bought this case from TigerDirect Canada 2 weeks ago and received it today~!  (It was on backorder in case you’re wondering if it actually took 2 weeks.) However, I think they no longer carry it since after I made the order, the product page showed that it was no longer available. carries it as well and still has stock as of this entry.  If you look around Amazon, you’ll see there are several manufacturers that make similar cases.  I can’t vouch for the quality of those ones since this is the only folio jacket I’ve never owned for the tablet.

The look and feel is basically what you would expect from a leather case. iLuv’s is classy and doesn’t feel cheap.  The stitching is well done too.

The nice thing about this case is that, unlike some other ones on the market, you don’t need to have it fully open to access the charge/data port at the bottom.  All you need to do with this one is to detach the latch.

Otherwise, it sports a pretty generic design such as sliding in the tablet from the side with a tuck-in flap, the back having a window for the back camera, and the sides having openings for the speakers. The power, volume buttons and headphone socket are covered when the jacket is closed.  On the bottom, there’s a little cutout for the mic which remains exposed even when the latch is in lock position.

Here are some photos of the case.  Sorry about the haphazard sizes; I like to crop images (so they show as little of my room as possible). ^^; Also, my Tab has colours around the border because it’s skinned.

One beef I have with this jacket is that the upright position is rather steep.  I prefer the angle to be wider as it makes it easier to type on the on-screen keyboard.  To get around this, I don’t connect the latch to the cover and have something behind it to keep it in place.

Another one is that the plastic packaging was rather difficult to open. >_>

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