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The War of Eustrath: How Annoying Can You Be?

It’s a wonder that I’m sticking with this strategy RPG since one of the main female leads, Tiana, is BEYOND ANNOYING. She is vain, tactless, and just doesn’t know when to shut up. Her entire existence in the game is to a) heckle the hell out of fellow comrade-in-arms Sarah, b) remind the player that she is a country-girl with no formal training to pilot a giant mecha but just has some damn natural talent to do so, and c) just make you want to punch her in the face a few times.

I honestly don’t mind the fact that the characters fit certain archetypes to the letter and that some of the dialogue and exposition is silly but the writer(s) just went overkill with Tiana.

To better explain the issue: From THE moment she “joins” the team, you

  • GET the point that she likes the main character
  • GET the point that she thinks of Sarah as a rival
  • GET the point that she’s a prodigy of sorts
  • GET the point that she’s a conceited bitch

But Christ, the writer(s) constantly REMIND YOU of these points through her incredibly grating and arrogant dialogue. I wish I had examples of her stupidity but I wasn’t really thinking about writing up an entry to complain about her so I don’t have any available. 😛

Sarah’s actually not much better since she acts like a complete child when she bickers with Tiana. I do feel some sympathy toward her though because even though she’s immature, everyone on the team makes her feel bad about herself. There are a lot of other ways to point out someone’s errors other than being condescending but apparently, no one realizes this.

The most normal and likeable of the group to me is Harvein. He fits the archetype of the upbeat, jolly, kind, easy-going guy who seems kind of unlucky with his lovelife. Actually, I can’t really describe him very much since I’m not really certain what his role is other than agreeing/siding with people in arguments. >_>

At any rate, the game itself isn’t that bad which is why I’m still playing it despite the sheer aggravation I’m suffering due to Tiana. It reminds me of a cross between the early Fire Emblem games (as I’ve never tried any beyond IV) and The War of Genesis III Part 2. One gameplay beef is that I wish I could fast forward through enemy turns since while it’s great to see where they move to, it feels long when you have over 15 enemy units on the map.

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