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Oh! Kairosoft!

Edit on November 10th, 2012: Removed all links to Kairospot threads because they no longer exist. Here’s why:

Been playing the heck out of Oh! Edo Towns (again) for the sake of contributing to the Kairospot forums.  Ironically, I won’t be the one handling the guide for the site. XD

Anyway, there’s a heap of info there already for anyone who’s stuck. We’ve got:

  • The Combo list
  • The Building list
  • Craft list
  • FAQ
  • Info and guide (more like discussions about the Japanese version. There’s 8 pages so far and most of it is on-topic so lots of reading material for everyone!)

Of course, we’re always looking for tips and fellow Kairosoft fans to talk to so if you haven’t registered already, please do! 😀

Oh yeah, the purpose of this post wasn’t to pimp my work and the forums but rather, to do a silly little bit of complaining~! Muhuhu!

I’ve noticed some minor errors here and there in the game and wanted to point them out. >:3

  • The descriptions for some of the Travelers in the Traveler List are cut off — i.e. the sentences don’t finish.
  • The Rice Shop shows that it will cause Appeal to deplete but people walk out of it with the “Skill Down” speech balloon above their heads instead.
  • Customers of the Camera Shop come out with a “Apl Down” speech balloon over their heads. I guess Kairosoft mixed up the Rice and Camera Shops.
  • If your taxes are the same as they are the previous year, the message is “The domain’s total Yield is the same as last year: < 1 > Let’s try to do better next year!”  I take it the < 1 > is supposed to call the previous Yield year’s value in the code.

Yeah, I guess we should be happy that they even put out a new game in English. XD

Also, I have a video to share! 😀

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