14 comments on “FFXIII-2: Crystal Gate Locations & Destinations Guide (minor spoilers)

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  2. Anyone else irritated as hell that there are more places to open than there are Artefacts to open them with? I’ve only got one Artefact left to find of the 10, in Bresha 300AF, and to get that, you have to be able to access Bresha 100. Which I can’t. Which also leads me to being unable to visit Oerba 400AF, because I can’t get the last Artefact. Two areas I can’t visit because of one Artefact used in the wrong place seems stupidly punishing to me. IMO an RPG should not allow you into positions where you have to replay the game just to be able to get to an area. Getting punished like this for going to Vile Peaks 10AF is pretty dumb.

  3. Well, turns out I was wrong about having all but one. I was missing two. Unfortunately I also forgot I needed to visit Oerba in both 300 and 400. Hmmmm. Fistshakes at you, Squeenix, fistshakes.

  4. This is fantastic! I’ve been looking everywhere for what you’ve compiled into one nice page. Thank you!!!

  5. thank you this is exactly what i were looking for because i think i only have one wild artefact and two gates to open did not wanted to open the wrong one.i can get on with the game now

  6. This is AMAZING! Thanks so much for this, i was getting seriously annoyed with the lack of information on where the gates actually lead, and i have the official guide and still could not find the information. This has been a sanity saver thanks so much. <3

  7. I understand there are a total of 32 gates(non DLC).
    10 from wild artifacts,
    16 story related
    6 hidden ??? gates, which are different from Unknown Year Gates.

    My question is how do you unlock these 6 ??? gates. That information is also hard as hell to find…

  8. They are unlockable by completing certain fragments called Paradox Ending. These gates are just cutscenes, ways in which the game could have ended.

  9. all you guys talking about not having enough wild artefacts to unlock all the gates you can buy them from serendipity with coin

    • You can only buy 1 from serendipity the others are found and unlocked throughout the game

  10. Can’t unlock Oerba 400 cus official guide told me to do it later then didn’t prompt me to use it grrrr

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