Mobius Final Fantasy – September Update Preview

Square Enix held a live stream last night which presented a wealth of information regarding the upcoming mega update happening on September 1st. :D A quick recap and gallery of screencaps from the video feed is after the break~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - September Update Summary

A summary of topics that was discussed.

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Mobius Final Fantasy – 3 Days of Screencaps

Mobius Final Fantasy - Wal Pictlogica card

Guh. I kind of wish it wasn’t personalized with the username. ^^;

Most of the images will be of the cards I got from Pictlogica Final Fantasy as there’s a collaboration going on right now between the two games. ^^ As usual, I’ll write a little bit more on certain screenshots under the gallery.
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Mobius Final Fantasy – Highlights from August 4th – 10th

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chapter 3 Part 1 all areas

The completed map for Chapter 3 Part 1. There is no “Region Complete” notice though after you complete all Extra Quests.

Lots happened during these few days yet I’ll only select some things to talk about. :D But first! A gallery of screencaps and then I’ll expand on some of them. ^^ Read More…

Mobius Final Fantasy – Gigantuar Map (ジャボテン御苑)

At last! A new bonus map but what’s this!? Only 4 areas??

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gigantuar Map

Look at ’em coming at you through the mountains!

There’s a good reason for the tiny map — the rewards are really big! (Please excuse the pun.) The Skill Seed multiplier can exceed 100! The experience received may be way over 10,000 per area!! Chests that contain 1000 of each element can be found!!! And most of the all, the Gigantuar cards offer a lot of Gil, EXP, and maintains high success rate when levelling Skill Seeds!!!! One of them is even a class change material card!!!!!

Am I exaggerating? No! See below for some of my screenshots. ^^~ (I’ll lay off on the exclamation marks so don’t worry.)

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PlayStation Store PS3 Avatars Rant

Each month, I turn on my PS3 to nab the free PS Plus games, and while I’m in the store, I decide to check out what’s new in terms of themes and avatars because I’m one of the few people out there that like them and may even spend money to purchase ones I like.

It is disheartening that the quality of the avatars found on the US and Canada stores has dramatically degraded over time. I’m unsure if other countries outside of Japan have also seen an influx of these, but if you haven’t then you should count your blessings.

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Mobius Final Fantasy – General FAQ

ATTENTION! This is not a walkthrough! These questions will not cover the plot, strategies on defeating certain enemies, what the best cards, best decks, or jobs are, or list every single card and their details. It’s a straight up, basic list of frequently asked questions.

This FAQ is meant for players that are:

  1. just starting out in the game, or
  2. already playing the game

Please note that when I write “card”, I mean “ability card”. Also, I refer to cards used for class change/evolution as “material cards”.

If there are any errors, please correct me! ^^ Feel free to ask your own questions in comments. :D I’ll add them (with credit) if they fit the theme of this guide. ^.^;

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