Mobius Final Fantasy – Battle Tower with Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh has invaded Mobius Final Fantasy!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gilgamesh!


Yeah, I haven’t been posting much about the game, even on Tumblr, but I’m still playing it everyday! ^^ Still not tired of it, no. XD Read More…

Recovering Account for Pocket Knights (A Bank of Innovation/GCREST Game)

This is a record regarding my account recovery experience for Pocket Knights (ポケットナイツ). It also serves as a warning as I am certain this is roughly the same process for any games developed or published by GCREST, G-Games, and Bank of Innovation. If you play CocoPPa Play, Pocket Land, or any of their avatar/selfie games, this could be important information for you. Read More…

Animal Crossing: Those Fugly Eyes

I’m envious of people that say they can love every type of animal, or at least every breed of certain types of animals like dogs or cats. I still think pugs are among the most ugly creatures on this world, but there are enough people out there willing to love ’em so that’s cool for them.

Anyway, I think there are some folks that can love every Animal Crossing character too. Well, perhaps not love but just not dislike them the way I do. Let’s be honest here — a lot of the appeal of AC characters comes from their appearance. There’s no hardcore character development for any of them to the point that you can like them for their personalities so I guess it shouldn’t be too outrageous that my gripe about some of the animals is that they’re damn fugly.

….. Then again, maybe that’s a bit harsh to say.

In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer,  I discovered that if I put sunglasses over the eyes of the townsfolk that I just can’t stand to look at, they become much easier on my eyes. :P This gave me the bright idea to share my list of animals I don’t like to see by putting black opaque circles over their eyes. XD

Perhaps I can find my Animal Crossing soul mate this way? :3

Animal Crossing - Censored Eyes!

Censored eyes. :3 Original image is from

Actually, Roscoe’s eyes are creepy when viewed from the front but since the image shows his profile, I didn’t put the black dot over the one eye that’s visible. XD

As the collage only shows characters in one angle, I believe more will receive the sunglasses treatment once I see them in the game. :P

Mobius Final Fantasy – Gigantuar Map (ジャボテン御苑) [Updated November 8, 2015]

This post was originally published on August 9th but there has been some new discoveries made since regarding raking in high scores and lots of Skill Seeds. I’ve updated the post to reflect that information. :3

What’s New? (November 8, 2015)

  • Added YuRiPa as a support card suggestion.
  • Corrected small cactuar escape information.
  • Removed the line about leaving the map to replenish the special attack gauge.
  • Expanded the How to Fight section under The Red Mage Method.
  • Added a video for the Red Mage Method.

At last! A new bonus map but what’s this!? Only 4 areas??

Mobius Final Fantasy - Gigantuar Map

Look at ’em coming at you through the mountains!

There’s a good reason for the tiny map — the rewards are really big! (Please excuse the pun.) The Skill Seed multiplier can exceed 100! The experience received may be way over 10,000 per area!! Chests that contain 1000 of each element can be found!!! And most of the all, the Gigantuar cards offer a lot of Gil, EXP, and maintains high success rate when levelling Skill Seeds!!!! One of them is even a class change material card!!!!!

Am I exaggerating? No! See below for some of my screenshots. ^^~ (I’ll lay off on the exclamation marks so don’t worry.)

Read More…

[Jailbreak] That Bloody Boot Loop in iOS 9.0.2 (Updated November 1st)

Long story short: I kept thinking Activator was the problem since uninstalling it always meant an end to staring at the Apple logo. But after reinstalling it as the sole tweak and having no issues with soft or hard booting, I Googled and found this: [Question] Activator Bootloop, anyone else?

I don’t want to leave AdBlocker off my iPad mini 2. :( Guess I’ll do without Activator for the time being then.

Related to boot looping in general, this thread should be of interest to some: [Tutorial] How to avoid the bootloop (of death) after jailbreaking

Please be aware that, because iOS 9.1 is out, Apple will soon stop signing iOS 9.0.2 so if you want to jailbreak or re-jailbreak with the method outlined above, do it as soon as you can.

Edit: A friend with an iPhone 6+ says he has Activator and AdBlocker on his phone and has no boot issues. We even compared a list of other tweaks and apps we have like FolderEnhancer and iFile. .___. He also restored from a back up from iTunes after the jailbreak was done. Now I really wonder what the cause is.

Edit #2: I meant to update this a couple of days ago. ^^ Anyway, after turning some AdBlocker lists on and off, the same friend discovered that “The file com.yllier.blockerpreferences.plist in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences can’t be bigger than around 1.4MB or so”. He notes that the Privacy and Malicious lists are already that file size by themselves. :/

I’ve since disabled Malicious and the tweak works fine with Activator. No abrupt reboots or boot loops have occurred since.

I have also emailed the developer regarding the findings so hopefully, we’ll see some solution in the near future.

Mobius Final Fantasy x Final Fantasy X: The Blitzball Kid

This isn’t the first time Mobius FF had a crossover with FFX. Granted, that was just a promotion to accompany the Mobius commercials airing in Japan. This time, we get the chance to draw the all-new Warrior job card, Ace Striker, which has Wal cosplaying as Tidus, as well as cards featuring Yuna, Paine, and Rikku from FFX-2. I would have liked a Lulu or Wakka card but no, only YuRiPa and the Tidus job are a part of this. :(

Mobius Final Fantasy - FFX Carnival

FFX cards! FFX job! This runs until October 31 Japan Time.

Along with the card draw event, a blitzball familiar will be handed out to everyone that logs in between October 10 and 16. I laughed at the thought of having a blitzball as a familiar and posted about it on Twitter.

Then a friend replied with this:

After receiving the tweet, I gleefully posted the following to Tumblr. XD Read More…

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy (MobiusFF Event)

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy

First crossover event with a non-Square Enix title!

Woo hoo! The collaboration I wanted came true! ^___^ Alas, it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. .___. Read More…


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