Mobius Final Fantasy – New Jobs! (Available From August 1st, 2015 Onward)

Mobius Final Fantasy - 3 New Jobs starting August 1st!

The Dragon Knight/Dragoon, Dancer, and Scholar are coming! :D

Mobius Final Fantasy - 3 New Jobs starting August 1st!

Such pretty artworks for the new jobs. *____*

I am so stoked for these! But I wonder if I’ll even be able to get one? XD I’ve actually been having a rather crappy time with the gacha draws and haven’t been able to land the unique jobs like Samurai or Red Mage. :( I’ve only gotten the Hunter and Knight as base types but you can get them by upgrading a basic Warrior and Ranger, respectively. .__.

Doesn’t the artwork for the Dancer looks like something from Castlevania? ^^; Even the attire seems suitable for that series. ^^~ I’m super curious how Wal’s movements will be with that job. I’m sure some Japanese players will post videos of all these new additions next week so I’ll check YouTube then. ^^

There are also new Boost Ability cards but I’m not as excited about those. XD

Official announcement page:

Mobius Final Fantasy: Fight de Chocobo – The End!

Well, it’s the end for me. I don’t have the jobs or the decks to take on the northwest part of the map. :B

Whoo! Spent a few hours today and unlocked the last 2 paths that I needed to clear the damn event. I’m not even going to try to get the “Complete!” status for Fight de Chocobo because that would most likely require the stats of my jobs to be higher and that will be a looooong time before that happens. Continue reading

Mobius Final Fantasy: More babbles about Fight de Chocobo

In my last post about this special event, I mentioned that Rainbow Feathers from Silver and Gold Chocobos — both which like to keep a low profile and tend to hang around hard difficulty battle sets — were needed to unlock paths to obtain cute little chocobo familiars. It turns out that it isn’t the case for one of them!

After I collected the treasure from the gold chest in the northwest part of the map, a new route appeared with a lock that could be undone with regular chocobo feathers. I was so happy to see that it led to one of the nodes with a cage. ^-^ And I was even more delighted to discover that it was the path to the chocobo chick!

Mobius Final Fantasy - Chocobo Chick get!

Chocobo chick get! Another lock also appeared. Ugh. This one’s to a silver chest though.

The screencap in the lower left corner above shows the requisite amount of chocobo feathers needed to gain access to the chest. :/ The lock to the chocobo chick required 60 so I wasn’t surprised that the next one would ask for even more.

Mobius Final Fantasy - A gold chocobo!

A Gold Chocobo! So shiny~

It may be my luck but Gold Chocobos hardly appear during battles with the regular type. (Its silver cousin shows up quite a bit though.) However, it seems that they’re always lying in wait at a spot with a chest or familiar. *__* I’m unsure of the drop rates but I’m hoping that this means that players are guaranteed at least one Gold Chocobo card (shown above), and if not the card, then at least a Rainbow Feather! Sadly, there aren’t enough of those special nodes that’ll allow anyone to max out the abilities of card as there are only 4 or 5. Also, once you complete the battles there, the nodes revert to being normal ones so encountering another golden bird will no longer be a sure thing.

Mobius Final Fantasy: Fight de Chocobo

Yes, I renamed my nickname to Wark!♪ :B I actually changed it a few days before the event started but it was indeed done in anticipation of it!

I was originally super excited at the thought of being able to obtain little chocobo familiars — and there are 2 available!! — but it turns out that the designers cranked up the annoyance notch a few times for this special event. I guess the PuPu one was deemed too easy? Continue reading

Mobius Final Fantasy メビウスファイナルファンタジー 激闘!アダマンタイマイ

Sorry for the terrible audio and video desynchronization. I’m a total amateur when it comes to editing. I have no idea if I even have the right tools and programs to deal with frame drops and such. :/ I’m pretty certain wonky frame rates is why the audio became way out of sync by the time the Adamantoise battle started. .__.

Consider reading my initial impressions about the game! :D I also have a ton of screencaps uploaded to my Instagram account. ^^

Actually, It’s About the Ethics of These Mobile Game Companies

This isn’t about issues in journalism. I chose the title because it fits the subject matter of this post. The type of ethics in question, however, is work ethics. I’m mildly miffed that no one else seems to draw attention to the incompetence of Rayark, Inc. in their lack of proofreading text in Implosion – Never Lose Hope, and GCREST with their constant careless updates of CocoPPa Play. I feel strongly about these issues because it makes me wonder why I should support companies (or continue to support in Rayark’s case since I already purchased the game) that half-heartedly work on their games.

Continue reading