Mobius Final Fantasy Multiplayer Mode Question

Doing this as a separate post so it’s easy to spot. ^^

Any visitors up for some multiplayer at some point? We just have to think of some platform to easily communicate in. ^^~

I mostly play as a Breaker or Defender since my strongest jobs happen to fall into those categories. I’ve yet to try Rank 3 battles because I figure a cohesive team is really important for those.

If you’re the kind of user that just hurls whatever at the boss and doesn’t pay attention to other players, I ask that you brush up on your job role(s) and learn to be a team player. :/

Mobius Final Fantasy – Cactuar Trolls

I’ve been focusing on finishing up Chapter 1 Hard instead of playing multiplayer battles. But even after I complete the map, I may hang back to develop cards so I can better contribute in co-op~! I always feel like my cards are inadequate to really help out. :(

Right now, I’m doing the extra areas and currently on the mage path. Since my mage cards suck, I’m using Warrior and Ranger jobs to tackle them. The following happened today: Continue reading

Mobius Final Fantasy – Multiplayer Mode Impressions

I’m not going to get into detail about how it works since part of that will be going into the FAQ. This post is simply going to be about my experience and impressions of a few co-op battles with strangers and solo fighting.

Since I wasn’t that comfortable with playing with random people around the world — especially without learning the system first — my initial multiplayer battle was by myself. Rank 1 Ifrit went down pretty quickly but Hamshal took a bit longer. I blame that on the cards I had equipped.

After the two solo battles, I decided it was time to try joining a group. I was hoping to team up with the folks at the Facebook community but by the time I got around to logging into the game, most of them were off to bed. :P

The first group of players were all right although 1 or 2 attacked the boss with weak abilities when the Break gauge was still up.

My next fight was a bust due to a connection error that kicked in. :( You can see a screenshot of that below. The error popped up again once more during another time. :/ I’m convinced that the server isn’t all that stable because sometimes, you can see allies get hit with the problem too. Hopefully, Square Enix will fix things up soon so everyone can have fun without worrying if they are able to finish a battle or not.

Things I have learned so far:

  • I thought we could solo with an AI party like in the demo gameplay examples shown in the Square Enix Presents streams. Turns out that isn’t the case. XD
  • People like stickers. XD Yoroshiku gets thrown around a lot and almost every boss fight ended with at least one person saying thanks. ^^; I’m kind of jealous of the users that have the Record Keeper ones. I got one too from doing the gacha but I haven’t put it in my sticker deck as I’m still trying to figure out which ones I would most likely use.
  • Players will listen to requests! I’ve put “Please Break” and the one with the PuPus to use and have gotten satisfactory results. Or maybe I’m just lucky since someone at the FB group seems to having a rough time with people doing their own thing and not listening. ^^
  • The grind for materials to exchange for multiplayer cards and class change material cards is going to be annoying since you need multiples of spoils from certain bosses. Maybe SE will tweak this too so we won’t need as much.
  • Having a diverse party with players that understand their roles is amazing. There was one time where I was with 2 Attackers and 1 Breaker. (I was a Defender.) Maybe if the cards and/or card levels were a bit different, our fight wouldn’t have dragged on for so long. :E But I suppose part of the issue was also me not doing Element Drives like a Defender was supposed to do. (We got hammered hard by Rank 2 Ifrit.) I am a dumb Defender. :( I explain this dumbness in a following point.
  • It’s really important to anticipate when a Break is going to happen and also to pay attention what everyone else is inputting. Team work is fantastic!
  • It may be me but it seems rather difficult to tell if someone is debuffing an enemy. Is there another icon for that?
  • I’ve been using my Knight of the Round Table as my main job. It’s classified as a Defender. I actually didn’t know what this entailed. After reading up on it, I realized I was playing my role all wrong. ^^;;; I was always contributing like throwing in a debuff when needed, assisted in chipping down the Break gauge, and whaling on the boss once it was staggered. The thing is, those are not the primary actions of a Defender. ^^ I hope no one was annoyed with me not playing to the role. ._____.
  • I’ve seen players START a fight with more than 3 actions per turn. How does that happen? I’m stuck with a measly 2.
  • Cards that I’ve been ignoring and never use suddenly become useful in multiplayer. Ugh.

Overall, I think the design the multiplayer mode is pretty decent. I’m sure it’ll get better over time too.

Here are a few screencaps I took. :3

Mobius Final Fantasy – Guard Scorpion Battle Tower and Personal Milestones!

The current Battle Tower event is kind of interesting! Instead of the usual trudge up each floor from 1 to 50, you’re only doing every 10 floors. This lands you at the doorstep of the endless loop section at the top extremely fast. ;__; I guess Square Enix feels like there’s enough long-time active players to justify sending most of them into that dreadful place quickly this time.

Truthfully, I think I SHOULD be among those that can handle a few cycles given that I have been playing the game everyday (at least I could swear I have never missed a single day ^^) since Mobius’ release but I explain my situation further down this post. ^^~

Before we get to that, here are some screenshots. XD

Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event

Echo is mimicking Gilgamesh. ^^

Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event

Weird! Encountered this a few times where the enemies would be facing away from Wal.

Mobius Final Fantasy - Guard Scorpion Battle Tower Event

It’s the first day and I’m all done. ^^;

The one-day event clears are a pretty common situation with me. ^^ Story and side chapters take a bit longer due to the sheer amount of areas in some of the maps. For Chapters 3 and 4, I’ve found that my jobs and cards aren’t strong enough to finish them easily. :x I even played most of those two on Normal difficulty. Heck, I’m still trying to complete Chapter 4 Part 2 but there are some mean Shadow enemies that are in the way and I’m stuck contemplating which job I should use to tackle them.

I’m considering my Knight of the Round Table but there is a fucking Shadow Knight as an last battle enemy. Actually, I think the accompanying enemy is also a Warrior-type and those assholes have a debuff that can seriously weaken Warrior jobs. >:E I might use my Viking but I need to complete the final Skill Panel first. The problem is that I never really feel like doing those Gigantuar runs much these days.

I actually evolved my Artemis card to 5-star a few days ago so I’ll need to grind for some of the Grudge monsters there. And the faster that card’s ability is maxed out, the better.

Now we can talk about the milestones! :3
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Reflections About Mobius Final Fantasy

It’s the first post of the new year! XD Of course it’s about Mobius FF~! :B

Mobius Final Fantasy was released at 10 AM on June 4th, 2015, Japan Time. It seems so long ago yet it’s only been half a year! There’s been a lot of new additions since the beginning and I feel privileged to have seen all of it happen. You can read about my initial impressions about the game and its system here: :3

The funny thing about Mobius Final Fantasy is the fact that it’s one big grinding game that’s full of cliches and free-to-play staples (which you can read about in the link above ^^).

This is the gameplay in a nutshell: You control a single character and move around to different nodes on a map to fight a set of battles at each one. In battle, tapping anywhere on the screen initiates an attack. Tapping on the readied abilities on the side triggers the use of those abilities. After winning, the user gains experience for overall player level, equipped cards, and Skill Seeds which can be used toward developing jobs.

Enemies drop ability or evolution card materials which are for strengthening cards that possess the same ability or used as fodder to level up the rarity level of a card. Cards can also be obtained through random draws which need special tickets or premium currency.

You’ll find yourself fighting monsters, levelling up cards and jobs, and, drawing for new cards (and maybe jobs too) over and over. You can view it as a roleplaying game with just the battle system. There are some moments where you’ll get to speak to NPCs but there are no towns to visit, no shops to purchase gear and goods, and no way to explore the world the way you want.

Why have I stuck with it then? It’s because I find that it’s fun, completely playable without spending any money, and I also set goals for myself which gives me reason to continue with it. Continue reading

Tiny Farm – The Superstition of the Original Love House

Players who have interacted with other Tiny Farm members via Com2uS/Gamevil’s HIVE community or the unofficial message board at Proboards would have most likely come across the claims that breeding in front of the original Love House — the one with a pair of lovey-dovey cows on the sign — will up the chances of successfully obtaining higher tier or event animals.

Tiny Farm - Original Love House

The Original Love House. Screencap edited from an image from the Tiny Farm Wikia

The origin of this belief comes from the fact that either the Talking Cow or Talking Dairy Cow said something about breeding in front of it will make dreams come true or something. I don’t know the exact words and no one remembers them but they all claim that it was something to that effect. (The dialogue has been removed or changed for some time now.)

I do recall that, for a while (and maybe it’s still going on), the animals DID give legitimate gaming hints such as where to go to find the option to redecorate the map. But those kinds of tips were perceivable and the Love House claim being something that can’t be seen is what makes it dubious.

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