Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy

Terra Battle x Mobius Final Fantasy

First crossover event with a non-Square Enix title!

Woo hoo! The collaboration I wanted came true! ^___^ Alas, it’s not as fun as I thought it would be. .___. Read More…

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

I’m too lazy to write much about the game so it’ll mostly be of photos and screencaps. XD

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer New 3DS Bundle

I bought the bundle that comes with the New 3DS because I wanted the Isabelle faceplate a lot. ^^ I actually have no need for another handheld since I already own the original 3DS and the XL. Some of the new features of this new iteration is nice though, I guess. Truthfully, I’d much rather have the New 3DS XL but it doesn’t support cover plates. :( Read More…

iOS 8.x Apps Not Updating in App Store

Please refrain from making “This didn’t work for me.” comments since this is not a sure-fire solution. It was one that solved the issue for MY device (which, for the record, is an iPad mini 2 running iOS 8.3 on jailbreak) so I figure I’d share this.

About 2 days ago, all the buttons for the apps waiting to be updated in the App Store flickered from Update to Open the moment I switched to the Updates screen. Some Google searching yielded results that suggested to move to another menu, turn off wifi, return to Updates and quickly tap on the Update button next to an app immediately before it changed back to Open.

While this did work, the apps refused to update; the usual circle with a blue square in the middle that should have appeared just ended up as an empty circle that wouldn’t move. To make matters worse, after I closed the App Store and re-opened it, the apps showed they were updated. However, looking at their version number in iFile (a file manager app for jailbroken devices) showed that no update actually occurred. :/

Other suggestions like turn on automatic updates, log out and log back in either App Store or iCloud, rebooting the device all DID NOT WORK.

What did work was changing the system language to another language and then back to English. It’s crazy, I know, but I verified the version number of the app I selected to test after the update and it was correct (re: most recent version).

Settings menu in iOS 8.3

See also: http://koukoupuffs.net/2014/10/12/problem-apps-on-ios-app-store-wont-update/ and its comments from other users for potential solutions if the above doesn’t work for you.

Mobius Final Fantasy – Chapter 3 Completed!

It totally went by too quickly this time. I suppose it would have gone at a more leisurely pace had I not used Elixirs. Oh well.

Screenshots galore after the break! :3
Read More…

Mobius Final Fantasy – September 1st Update Screenshots

It’s just a slew of screenshots for now. I’ll add some text below the gallery tomorrow.

Edit: Commentary has been added. Read More…

Mobius Final Fantasy – September Update Preview

Square Enix held a live stream last night which presented a wealth of information regarding the upcoming mega update happening on September 1st. :D A quick recap and gallery of screencaps from the video feed is after the break~!

Mobius Final Fantasy - September Update Summary

A summary of topics that was discussed.

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